The Pharcyde
Hey You
[Production by Slimkid3]

[Verse 1: Slimkid3]
Beam me-beam me-beam me up, Scotty
Not as to where I have no control of my body
Tweaking diodes I walk the roads like karate masters
Most the time my mind be ghost like Casper sinkin faster
But coming up in this shit sometimes I'm alienated, underrated
Suckas hate it that I made it as a misfit
But you know if the shoe fits I'mma wear it like a glass slipper
Hike to the big dipper, dip like a skipper, no top could be tipper (say what?)
But fools be tryin to rape friends to make friends
And that's one big twisted ass picture
Like Jack the Ripper
Caught up in the net like Flipper on a tuna protest, yeah, where's the focus
Got me fuckin with these friends and they crackin' my lens
And now, shit be'z foul as a mutha
Word to my sistas and my brothas and my color

[Hook 2x]
"Hey you"
Can I take up a moment of your precious time
To realize and define the whole truth
"Hey you"
Yeah take up a moment and clarify this for you
[Verse 2: Imani]
Because of my high altitude, the attitude of this one dude
Was just so lewd that he was viewed as rude and pursued by the Cyde
He was booed and chewed like food in the feud
Ending a career way shorter than an interlude and dude
The word I heard is that your vision is blurred
That's why you be speakin' the word so absurd, but
You get exactly what you deserve
As I hit and you swerve to hit the curb
Cuz you be totally guilty of the filthy-type phrasing
Faltering for sure under pressure
Overhyped and unamazing

[Hook 4x]

You know what time it is 1995, 1997, 1999
N***a its all going, velocity in Chicago, you know what I'm sayin
This is another Lab Cabin production
Instructions are as follow
Don't try to follow
Nor swallow, nor bite
Nor nibble, what I write
You know what time this is, that shit ain't right
Yeah, uh, I gotta give a shoutout to my man M-Walk
You know what I'm sayin my man Schmooche Cat
You know what I'm sayin my legacy
My main man Tre, Fat Lip, Bootie Brown, Imani, Pharcyde
Forever, and it don't stop
'Til we say it stop you know what time this is
Say what? Say what? I'm speakin to you
It's time to groove