The Pharcyde
Y? (Be Like That)
Be like that, it just be like that
Baby tell me why it's gotta be like that

[Verse 1: Bootie Brown]
I wasn't sleepin I was creepin’, slidin', hidin'
I would like the girl behind me roll up a bad time thinkin'
Mentally sinkin’, presently brinkin’
Two decades and a half makin’ a path for mine to follow
The world is hollow, yet it's full of crap prepare to gamble
I give you a handful of chips and tips
For what's to come, I cried a ton of tears
Drunk a ton of beers, that's fun at first
But learned to persevere throughout the years
Kept my ears open, eyes scoping mouth locked
Don't rock the boat if you can't swim
Nobody may be there with the limb to lend
This is the end, still I can't explain the fact
Why the fuck shit gotta be like that?


[Verse 2: Imani]
Know what, I said it
Hear me clearin' over so severe and dreaded
That they need to be beheaded
Why? I'm readily, steadily stimulating and mutilating
All sloppily copied imitations, cause they irritatin'
So I'm intimitading them over the snare
With simply a stare
Bringin them turbulent terror
And they know this ‘cause they can feel it
He knew that it was mine still the sucker tried to steal it
So I had to reveal it, through provin’
That I am astonishing and fly
And by just blinking my eye
In a flash I flush out the face, layin' low-key
Trained eyes locate to focus on the phony
Mister sometime-homey, why he act like that
I thought he had my back
I thought he had our backs
But it was him who I should've never trusted
And not at least till he got his attitude adjusted
Or mouth busted for acting all dusted, but bust this
Now when I'm out I seek and thought out the whole scene
For all sinister types, sneaks that scheme
They come into my face, I send them tightmen home
When they be suffering from the double-agent syndrome
Why it gotta be like that?
[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Slimkid3]
Sometimes this world means everything to me
The inside is lovely to these eyes I see
And sometimes in my mind all I wanna do is cry
Highly up-set but nothing drops from my eye
Those drain out my skin cause I'm pissed from within
I see a situation now and all I do is grin
People think I'm high but I'm mentally travelling
Aging is your times cause life's unraveling
While I'm straddlin' walls up this fuckin' mic
I hate to be a pilot crashin' in a flight
People need to know about this thing called life
Cause if you see the light then life's alright
So can you dig it?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Fatlip]
I jumps inside the jeep as I embark on my dark mission
Popped in my freestyle tapes, started reminiscing
About my little homie, who was raised in Wyoming, wanted to be famous
So he came to Californey on the microphony
He was super bad and what not
But he was the kinda fella to follow fads that was hot
He became too fascinated with that gang related flavor
That he modificated, rearranged his behavior
He hooked up quick with the influential slang
Gangsta-stroll, cornrolls; the whole shabbang
Braggin' and boastin, boastin' and braggin
How he mostly be hangin' with baby gees I was baggin'
Like why you tryin' to ride up on the bandwagon
Hopin' they'd hit him in the head, but he steady saggin'
Like he a hog
Creepin' through the smog
Smokin' on some indo sippin' on a cup of O-Dog
Like most who come to this West Coast society
Try to be because they think it's fly to be a menace
So what a relic way to end this
Got rolled up when he was strolling
On a Sunday at the Venice
Some n***as never listen they gotta learn their lesson
The hard way I'm guessin' yessin'
Deedy as I hit the Beady and make a right on Weston
Pops in my head the proverbial question