The Pharcyde
Funny Style: Part One
Artist: Pharcyde
Album: Beats and Lyrics: Issue 1
Song: Funny Style - Part One

Funny people funny style
Let me go and make this money while
You talk about
Can't walk around without it like American Express
There jealous ass fellas got me thinkin' about a vest

I'm avoiding you and you crew for the obvious reasons
Because you and your man always be schemin'
Straight hatin' mine
You ain't relatin' to mine
I'm tryin' to do mine
And you tryin' to intervene on mine
Go in-between the guidelines
Yo ass is now straight hatin' from the sidelines
Cause you flyin' sidewind

Bootie Brown:
Every funny style
You know there's many people out there livin' in denial
Have a smile like it's AD but shit be like a rain cloud
No use for being loud
Talking bout your skrilla
But you askin' me for a dub to buy some killer chronic
So I find it behind at this rap shit but it's got you excited
I can't fight it
It's got me too
But misjudgment can lead you down the wrong path
And all I get is a cold hearted laugh
For the funny people, funny style
And I'm gonna make this pile (what?)

Bootie Brown:
And fatigues
Fools are outta there leagues
Stuck in minor, I'm moving to major
Fuck a phone and a pager
Lab top
Forty acres with my cash crop
To keep the ski steady flowin'

"ho ho ho" - scratching
Money money money (x4)


Bootie Brown:
Aye you keep me laughing like Rich in Jo Jo Dancer (ha ha ha)
Thinkin' that they know the answer
Like machines that record incoming calls
Screening like Siskel critiquing all of y'all
Thumb up or thumb down
Those are Shaky like Pizza
I'm always outta town for two weeks
Funny style are the true geeks
Yo Imani please use feet
Reminition is to make the ends blend and meet
But sometimes to incline can be too steep for the feet
And sometimes we might even find it feek (keep it movin')
But the main function is to... (keep it movin')
The currency in every week (keep it movin')
Listen to the words I speak (keep it movin')
You only fall in deep cause you sleep

Hook (x2)

Gotta vest man. Gotta vest man. Gotta make that skrilla man
DJ EQ. And ya don't stop and ya don't quit
Pharcyde in the house with the ultimate shit
Gotta get the cash gotta get the doe
Gotta get the cash gotta let you know
Gotta get the cash gotta get the doe