The Pharcyde
I Smoke
Lyrics to
I Smoke Feat. Bootie Brown


Yeah, check it out, one two one two
It's the br-b-b-b-b-browwnnnn
Yeah,It goes like this man, yo

(Verse 1)

By now, I probably already puff my weight
In the finest dosier you can locate
From Morocco to the back of Del Taco
To hook up with your man before you seize that day
I recall pinchin pops
Coco Tye
20 mins in
It’s Beddie By
Euphoric, Cruise control
Rollin' on dubs, Stinkin' up Clubs
Motor vehicles, temporary residence
Ashes left is the only evidence the blue suits find
We blaze all the time
On the reg
I used to tape to my leg
Triple Ziploc
With the vacuum seal
Open the shit
It smells like a field of skunks secreting
I made some bad judgments took a beating
Canadians competing
With brothers from south of the border
Always in reach of a least a quarter
Of a P
I make it summer sault with a triple-back
Gone are the days of the nickel sack
Old school tokers can remember that
.9 for a dub
That shit is hella whack
Man but you know it all good
Cause I

I-I-I-I-I Smoke
Spent my last even if I'm broke
Lets piece on together so we can toke
Lets go, Lets gooo smoke!

(Verse 2)

I’m on a 747 doddie reeking
Blood shot eyes
I giggle while I’m speakin'
I used to donate a Lincoln
To the cause
So let’s us elevate
Chop it with the farmers
While I delegate
Tulip token
Only demonstrates
Quality control
Love to carry weight
Like muscle men at Venice
I’m a pothead not a menace
I’m a pothead let me finish
If the bowl is dust I replenish
With the condiment the connoisseur
Take a step beyond appreciation
Guilty by affiliation
Gather with my congregation
I know I speaking to a 1/5 of the nation
Those who ain’t tried and you burning with temptation
Beat banging in the studio what a sensation
It’s the shit after relation
Peace after altercation
I pothead in this X generation
I hired to respond to bring some

(Verse 3)

I-I-I-I-I-I got some Bubble Berry
You got some Widow
Run to the store we can split down the middle
Add some hash
From where they bombin' Osama
We blaze and politic about the drama
For hot sec
It brings us together
We try to put it in perspect'
Not for everyone
You could suffer a side effect
Rapid heart beats
Cold sweats
A fear of going to sleep
With no waking up
I had all that shit
Happen when I was just a pup
Cause I took
To big of a hit
‘Til this day I still do that shit
How I love to smoke the crip the chron
I sip on java that straight from Juan
For the wake and bake
A slice of space cake
Begin the daybreak
Jump in full force
Make it shake
Til it crack
Day over
I roll up the whole sack
Create a hot track
That makes you dip back in the cut
The score
Northern Cali Pacific shore
Redwood protected
Sun shine basted
You know why when you taste it
Why I