Dirty (US)
Rolie Polie
[Intro: Mr. G-stack]
Yeah... What?
Okay... yeah
Dirty Boyz back..
This song for all them hoes in the club
All them bad bitches
All the hoes... at least that thank they bad
You know... all them type of hoes
Check it..

[Verse 1: Mr. G-stacka]
Now when I hit them club doors, I'm in this bitch until the club close
In case I'm leavin' out with one of these club hoes
I'm at the bar throwed, off that Petron Gold
A half of ounce of 'dro, smoke until my eyes close
Check out that dance flo', shorty shake it like a pro
She drop it low and make her elbows toach her toes
I'm tryin' to get her home, so I can get her out her clothes
Sit her on this pole and see how fast her back role
Them other hoes hate her, they know they can't repace her
Got n***as throwin' paper like she work at Club Shakers
She ain't no stripper but they tip her cause they want to cake her
Every song that she dance that's when n***as pay her
Now that's a bab bitch, she got the club locked
Them other bitches ain't got shit on how the pussy pop
But let me show you just how bad I'll wear that pussy out
Cause you been dancin' for so long, I know that pussy hot
She been dancin' off that Little Jon all night
Shorty why you all hype? Gone off the Paul right?
DJ, kill the fog lights
Y'all might not like the beat, but then again y'all might
Shorty be shakin' that ass fast like that all night

Role that ass slow girl
Role that a...role that a... (R-Role that ass)
Role that ass slow girl
Role that a...role that a... (R-Role that ass)
Role that ass slow girl
Role that a...role that a... (R-Role that ass)
Role that ass slow girl
Rolie polie slow girl

[Verse 2: Bun-B]
Well if you know like I know, when you see her get at her
Since the last time I seen her, man that ass done got fatter
Look at how she pitchin' that pussy, she need her a batter
Pussy poppin' on a hand-stand, and I ain't mad at her
I'm just glad her mama and dad had her so I can find her
Pull up to that bumper behind her and straight grind her
N***a if her ass was a rapper, I'da signed her
I see she still a bad bitch, I don't need a reminder (At all)
You know tha Bun Beater all about the booty homie
Now bend that ass over, let me put my Louie on it(man)
Boy, I tell ya... Ain't nothing like pretty asses y'all
I'm talkin' big, brown, and round like some basketballs (Hold up)
You know I love it when it jiggle like that
When I rub it and slap it and make you giggle like that
I'm down with Pimp-C, so you know I'm on my p-i
Now get down with them Dirty Boyz quit actin' like a b-i


[Verse 3: Big Pimp]
I been peepin' you up in this club
Ever since you came in you been gettin' buck
I sippin' Grey Duck, cause they fucked the Henney up
A thick juicey gul, man I finna get to her
I ask her "What her name?" She tell me that it's +Vivica+
She kinda +foxy+, bendin' over ass stickin' up
My mind blowed, plus that 'dro gotta a n***a throwed
A thick hoe, like she stuffed tissue in her clothes
Plus she been dancin' off that Little Jon allnight, aw shorty all right
The way she role that ass got a n***a dick hard like..
Black hoes, mixed hoes, some hoes all white
All these bitches in the club, most off them all night
Shawty nothin' but twenty-one, eighteen up... grown to me
But I'mma see how grown she is when I take her home and see
Behind her where I wanna be, shorty you to crunk for me
You bumpin' me, slow that ass down, that's what I wanna see