Playaz Circle
#1 Trap Pick
You know
It wasn't our intention to drop an album this year
But the streets certified us
The trap picked us
We the #1 Trap Pick

You hear that? (Hear what?) That shit
(What?) Man, that's the #1 Trap Pick
(Tell 'em) That's it (That's it)
Gon' turn up
We already smokin, gon' burn up

N***a, I'm Dolla (Dolla), but just call me Vegas (Vegas)
You'll never get a win, so don't try to play us (play us)
Posted on the block, but I ain't hangin (hangin)
It's movin like clockwork, this is how we made it (made it)
And this is why I'm hot (hot), and that is why she naked
I put it on my pops (pops) that I will never fake it (fake it)
Cause money can't make me cause I always make it (make it)
And ho, I can't save ya, so you better save it (save it)

[Tity Boi]
N***a, I'm Tity (Tity), the man on the block (block)
Walkin in the spot with them grams in my sock (sock)
I'm from Colli Park so you know we get to it (to it)
Look at my watch, watch how we do it (do it)
No, this not no movie, this a real toolie (toolie)
I hang with real gees, all we do is wear Gucci (Gucci)
I'm talkin real killers, certified murkers (murkers)
And we will have no squares up in our Playaz Circle (Circle)

[Tity Boi]
Shorty, this the A (A), I rep where I stay (stay)
Cartier frames, you can tell we gettin dollars (dollars)
And shorty, I don't play (play), I do this every day (day)
It's Tity Boi AKA Neiman Marcus (Marcus)
I hustle in apartments ('partments) and get a stupid check (check)
The #1 Pick (Pick), now what did you expect? ('xpect)
I got so many women, I need another dick (dick)
And yeah, we gettin money (money), yeah, we gettin money (money)

It's Duffle Bag Boys (Boys), the crew of all crews (crews)
Comin real soon to a trap near you (you)
We there if the bread right, money make us move (move)
If it ain't about the bread, my n***a, we cool (cool)
I been paid my dues (dues), I been made the news (news)
Fresh every day like the first day of school (school)
So don't get confused ('fused), cause I'll get consumed ('sumed)
With rage at the stage, then I'm goin for that tool
(For that tool, n***a)