Playaz Circle
U Can Believe It
[Verse 1: Dolla Boy]
Ain't sitting around in yo top back
All I'm trying to do is make a dollar don't accomplish that
Probably both, call the hoes
See if she can meet me up at Pompadors
Table in the front so I can see who's in and out the door
We ain't gotta front cause we've been making lots of dough
We ain't taking fronts unless you bringing in a lot of dough
Probably if Jaquari was just starving I'd be robbing folks
Frontin in ?? and it can leave you in the hospital
Came a long way but we still got some miles to go
Cowards gonna despise us, but the real n***as like us though
Sorry my rival put a stop to your theatricals
The streets want the real and honored that we happy for them
And then you realize everything come and it goes
I'm tryin get before it comes and it goes

[Hook: Tity Boi (aka 2 Chainz)]
Diamonds on my wrist, ladies in the building
If you feeling sexy put your drinks to the ceiling
Yaaa, do it like them playaz do
And we on them drugs we goin' be here for a day or two

[Verse 2: Tity Boi (aka 2 Chainz)]
Clayton County tags blowing smoke out the roof
Tell your man he's a fag and I'm the motherfucking truth (I'm the truth)
See I don't like to brag but he's the proof
The trunk bigger than your future, I'm too tall for a coupe (For a coupe)
And this is something that I'd rarely do
Flip the script cover my tattoos Armani is the suit
Mari is the shoes, VS is the juice and the necklace is fruits see the rest of my dudes
Got on vest and the True's
On yo best day I move
Like a man on the moon
Gotta expand it and move it
We land it and cruise
Got plans before truants
Spend grands on the cruise to put a tan on my bruises
And this is how we do it, straight shots with no chasers
And every round I'm making toasts to show off my bracelet

[Verse 3: Ludacris]
My bank accounts are impatient and they, they can't wait
So I'm never a dollar short, or a, a day late
I smoke the best for the stress just to, to stay straight
The bud's light is less filling, but it, it tastes great
I keep the cash in the stash from the, the po po
Cause they say it won't hurt them, what they, they don't know
Though i roll in the coupe that hugs the whole block
Don't play I'm still hood, you'll still get cold cocked
The four will sure pop
Your soul will sure drop
Fours will get blown but i sure do hope not, I'm hot
But I ain't tripping on these young whipper snappers
I'm trying to get a chick up in my whip and get her snapper
Put her on her stomach get back and then slap her
Take her to her home and be gone the morning after