DJ Envy
Instagram Comments Pt, 6
[Intro: TazzInaShell, Soulja Boy, & Charlamagne Tha God]
Yo, yo, Meek Mill ain't beef with Chris Brown and was finna box him with Floyd Mayweather
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
He was beefin' with Drake! The biggest rapper in the world!
Instagram comments, aye, aye, Instagram comments, aye, aye, Instagram comments, aye
Drake? Drake?!

I am so sock, can't hold my vomit
I done got lit off of Instagram comments
2 Tone Beretta, I shoot like I'm Stockton
Put the clip to head like a motherfuckin' bonet
Glock made 'em beat his feet, n***a, no choppin'
Dog on my hip, this lil' bitch keep barkin'
He was tryna run, but I ran his pockets
Go to iHop, and order me an omelet
Fuckin' your bitch, you know how I'm livin'
My neck is ice, this shit got me shiverin'
Shoes stay tied, so you know I ain't not trippin'
My n***as got .30s and Glocks with extensions
Turn 'em to rotisserie, uh, chicken
I got the glick on my hip, you must not know how I'm feelin'
Shorty look bad, you know that I'm tippin'
Hollows in yo' body, ooh, they sizzlin'
He tried to rob me, got shot in his face
Got a Glock 40, made his mans do the race
Shot that n***a once, I ain't leavin' no trace
Stay with the rocket, his body in space
Bankrolls blue, like I'm a crip
She throw it back, I give her a tip
Run down, all black, hit a lick
Keep runnin' out yo' mouth, we gon' aim at your shit
Slide with a missle, uh, uh, yeah, bitch, I ain't talkin' no tank
N***a posted his music, uh, uh, what? He thought that shit cranked
Shots ringin', these bitches ain't blank
I'm the king of the hill, uh, call me Hank
Money heist, bitch, let's go to the bank
Pour up a four, n***a, this that drank
Keep that heat on me, I got hot pockets
Feel like CP3, 'cause I keep a rocket
Choppa make him dance, it make him pop lock it
N***as so fake, saw the frame then I cropped it
[Outro: TazzInaShell, Soulja Boy, DJ Envy]
Instagram comments, aye, aye
Instagram comments, aye, aye
Instagram comments, aye, aye
Instagram comments, what
Instagram comments, ooh, what
Instagram comments, aye, aye
Instagram comments, aye, aye, aye, aye
The n***a that hiding his kid from the world, but his world want to hide from the kid? Aubrey Graham in a wheelchair- Drake?!
Y'all n***as better stop playin' with me