DJ Envy
Put Ya Hands Up (Jadakiss Diss)
The empire strikes back mother fuckers!
Lenny S
DJ Envy, holla at ya boy!
Bang bang, Sigel street gang
Ayo they coming at my head HOV
My blood pressure is building
The headphones is on fire this time around Bleek
About to squeeze the juice out of this n***a

Fuck the speculation talk over
N***a dig this, I'm 'bout to sun kiss like the soda
And make Jay to the mwah
Put his lips on his nine and really kiss the game goodbye
You 'bout to really make me hurt you kiss
Spitting candy bars, this n***a sweeter than a Hershey's kiss
Got the heat I'm 'bout to work the fifth
Resin off that purple shit
The reverend got to get a hearse for kiss
You broke
Talkin' 'bout you rocked ya self out
When I see you gon' really wish you knocked ya self out
Want it with Sig', need the whole Lox to help out
It's just me, I don't need the Roc to help out
I could tell why Styles say he the ghost of this shit
I could tell in ya style he write most of ya shit
Ya name mwah n***a most of you bitch
Got me pissed
Can't put ya dick in your dirt
But you pussy so ima fuck you when I'm lifting ya skirt
We could spit it or gun it out
Four fifth or M1 it out
Tell me n***a how you wanna route
You still living in the basement of ya mother house
I tried to have a little patience but it's running out
Probably need blood in ya mouth
Knock ya brains out
Let the doc' remind you what a thug is about
And I'm talking to Jada
And any y'all muhfuckin' haters, who like him wanna put down paper
Tell em meet me at any arena
Bring his nina
I'll spark him up, starch him, leave him stiff like the cleaners
N***as got hidden agendas
We got gats hidden in engines
A pocket in the coupe for the pigeons
Let the SK rifle ya chest
Give ya long mwah goodnight, and ain't no life after death
Ayo P. probably handle this n***a
I'll rock ya bells like L I ain't Canibus N***a
Yeah, recess over for you playground n***as
Wouldn't shoot up a ladder, slide down a board
Fuck ya monkey ass bars when I'm swinging this four
Can't duck when I land shots
Get buried in a sandbox
Sharks in the water can't swim in the pool
No snacks after school, and my stomach is full
Gotta bring it to him hard as shit
I'll kick his ball over the fence to let the n***a know "who yard is this"
What's funny Jason, really think you grimey too
And everybody likes you better in that shiny suite
So no matter where you go, ima spot you
Double R tee and a baldy, ima pop you
My pump make you lift up
Tech make you do a 360
Got gats that the government got
Muhfucka is you thuggin' or not
(Empire strikes back)
[Extended Verse]
Na fuck it I don't wanna stop
My gun will pop, his a-fella tell me who you wanna rock
And I could show you how grimey dun
I cuff ya ass
Strip ya ass
Whip ya ass
Till ya mommy come
I got the mask and the techs and the tommy guns
Leave it up to Hov to X out Tommy Bunds
We could bet what you owe Puff and double ya debt
Double that, quadruple the threat
Now look what you made me do, brains blew
My team of the marine blue, six coupe
Skeeted out
Heated out
Weeded out
Haze and hydro
On our way to YO
And that tinted shit, rented shit
Extended shit
You cheesecake n***as, My dogs get they spinach dipped
In angel dust
Come through and tame ya pups
Think it's a game till ya brains get touched
Yeah n***a lets clash the crews
Attitude like Noah, gats in two's
I got a hundred n***as, hundred K's
Rain on you for a hundred nights, hundred days
Fuck a million man march
Let a million men spark
Got a million men with heart
Yeah n***a, fuck the peace
Muhfucka can't duck the beast
What made this stupid ass n***a wanna fuck with Sig'
C'mon dog this another verse
I know that funeral home got a stash, reverend got another hearse