Helena Deland
A Stone Is a Stone
[Verse 1]
Think of something you've seen
Break it down
Tell me as much as you can
Break it down for me

[Verse 2]
Oh, how I love what you see
Make it sound like I haven't even been listening
To a word you say
With your back to the wall
Somehow now, how I got here, I can't recall
But then again, here I am

[Verse 3]
Thinking there has to have been
Something wrong
Since the time when a stone was a stone
Now, what do I know?
This is how you go
Now what do I know
This is how you go

[Verse 4]
And if again we must go, this time
I know how to go about it like I don't mind
It's my plight
To you, my dear, again, good night