Mount Kimbie
Meter, Pale, Tone
[Verse #1]
How can you see me bare
In the dead of night
In a cooling light
It’s not a painful sight
See, girl, I couldn’t see your eyes
They were coded not devoted to no one
At least no souls from beneath the sun
See me, I don’t exist, you’ve won
See me, I don’t exist, what’s done is done
Now if I see you there
On the other side
Tell me, girl, has it just arrived
You saw two brains claim to coincide
If one [unintelligible] should die
No one could understand
If this depletes a man
To see through the cracks that brand
I'll set this weak bridge on fire
So you can piece together to admire
The infrastructure, the plunder
Deep beneath the mood
Now she lays here to resume
The days are spent in gloom
Left solely to consume
The infrastructure that stopped her
Deep beneath the ground
Now let this peaceful drown
This thinly woven crown
Crack and tone were the loudest of sounds
This tone, this tone is still alone
It roams the land
To face the hands
That stroke and stretch
Our hope is bland
You [unintelligible]
This stone of sand
An open curse in my hand
Smoking blunts in the stands

[Verse #2]
...on the edge
But do you pledge?
What's in store?
The exposure of the core?
I start to saw
And sweep beneath the boon
Now day's are spent in gloom
Who you?
My mother, I love her
I'm not connected to
This guy anymore
The sky and floor
And he could impact these facts
But they're not quite exact
As they're laid bare
If that was my stare
It was the face of cement looking wet
The discontent has never meant anything
But this intent was menacing
The scent of adrenaline
Spark creditors and terrain
My bones, these wounds they roam
These rules the road
I hope this road
I hope this road takes me as far from here as I can go