Mount Kimbie
I seen so many n***as around me come up before me
But I've been doing this longer still the only one sober
While I'm sitting her broke they're riding in range rovers
They got all the bitches while my girl is coming over
They the muthafuckas' that dont really deserve all the clout and all the shout outs
But i mean hey yo what else can I say
They got noticed by the right people and went the right way
While I'm here blabbing about I'm the best rapper
And when they ask me tro brop an album I turn into casper
Yo but not this time no not ever again all that waiting on a tape shit gets canned in a plastic bin
Because now im in my ziploc n***a
Waiting on me better whatch your tic tocks n***a
Climbing all the charts to the tip top n***a
Because now I'm in my bag until I'm an old hag rocking fake hilfiger
While my n***as pulling triggers in the city rocking tommy hilfiger
All my n***as uh, because guess what I put my life in these twelve songs
My fight in these twelve songs
Put all the light that ignites the fight that I prolong
Story of glory films on my teams you better pray that I show mercy on October 19th