DJ Screw
Come and Take a Ride (Freestyle)

[Intro: ?]
We all over the world, know what I'm talking 'bout
Man we up in here once again mane
What's up fellas
N***a freestyles know what I'm sayin'
[?] special
Whats up y'all, getting cranked up mane

[Verse 1: Big Duck]
Let me tell these hoes how I feel
When I break 'em off, coming down bumper grill
And I'm ridin' slow with a freaky ho
Man I'm dressed down in a tight polo
[?] fucking gal [?] fucking pal
Now I'm coming down, do you think I shell
Break these n***as off if it's red light
Cause I'm dressed tight, higher than a kite
And I jumped down, now I'm rappin'
And man, do you know that we hit a major thug cappin'
Cause I'm just true, true to the game
Coming down in a coupe with my n***a [?]
Coming down [calm?], come down straight
For that Big Jut and that big '68
Man, we just coming, coming down deep
Yeah that boy firing so much fucking sweets
Mane, they gotta let me out them 'burbs
Mane, the laws tryna give me some curb [?]
But I don't [?] cause I just straight duck
Call on that big player that they call Duck
[?] my feet, one slide, one open
Mane everyday you see me get fucking doped
Mane, I'm just leaning, hoes just feenin'
Coming through the what, motherfucking club scenin'
In a fucking Bentley, hoes wanna give me
But if that big thug, mane do you dig it
Boy, I'm just coming through, mane I'm so hard
Once broke a mouth on the fucking boulevard
Now it's '95, mane you mention me
You didn't do that shit, when I had the century
So now don't talk up in my fucking face
Mane, cause the thug mane, I don't have no Ma$e
I got a fucking pistol on my fucking [rump beef?]
And if I reach my trunk, mane I got a fucking pump
Because I'm coming down and I'm so true
Mane, every year birthday I see that Screw
Now it's the posse third anniversary
Mane, this shit is freestyle, no rehearserary
Cause I'm just showin' what I can do
When I come down mane, cause I'm just fucking true
[Verse 2: Big Jut]
Northside n***as in the part of my fucking trunk
N***a, got the lanzard on my fucking punch
N***a, I got woofers knock the fucking highs
Cause I'm coming through n***a, bobble head eyes
Man, I come through n***a jammin' what, Screw
Mane, I just jumped that jack [?]
Mane, I come through, mane jamming that Ma$e
When I come through I got the trunk with the blades
When I come through, mane I got the bang
When I come through, mane my dawg gotta swang
Mane it's the Jut coming down from the Ritz
Mane I'm just coming up, [?] rich
N***a, I gotta drink that pint everyday
I'm too [?] and I'm in that broadway
N***a just kicking it with fat boy Duck
It's his birthday and now he is 21
Mane that boy is a fucking soldier
Mane just drop to your knees cause a n***a just told ya

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