DJ Screw
Smmer Daze (prod. DJ Screw)
I make songs professional
Fuckin up them deicibles
Roll around my city
Something pretty
Puffing medical

I got the bounce

I puff a wood
To get good
'Fore I step out the house
Word of the mouth
I bring the funk
If we havin a sesh
Then you bringing a ounce

And I'm spitting that fire that you can't douse
Only 5 foot 8
I'm a mighty mouse
Bitch get up on my level
I'm pissing off the devil
I'm spitting straight crack rock
These n***as choke on pebbles

Flex my complexion
I'm dark and im loving me more
Shawty keep on staring
She want me to beat them cheeks sore
Said she wanna vamanos
Likes the diamond in my nose
Wanna private party
Godly body
Kiss it adios
I'm dialing up my amigo
Carry loud hydro
Shit more potent than my flow
Got my eyes low
Take one hit
Of the spliff
Rolled by a bad bitch
And you know that
That n***a jay ghost