DJ Screw
Pimp the Pen III
Screw it up S.U.C, 2003
The Don of the South the Boss of the North
Millennium edition

[Lil' Keke]
You know we draped up and dripped out, y'all boys tripped out
Riding me and two pop, gotta have your Glock out
Pull it out the stash spot, when I dash out
Me and Slim on the stage, better have your cash out
3 in the morning, and the click still hanging
3:15, you know the trunk still banging
Neighborhood woke up, popped up choked up
Hummer still smoked up, concrete broke up
Time to lay it down, like Big Ball & G
It's the L to the I to the L, to the K to the E to the K to the E
Throw your hood up, this is Texas best
Don't forget wrist lit, with a frosty chest
I'm the total package, like that boy Kobe Bryant
And take the roof off, when I'm rocking Reliant
CMG-Boss Hogg, when we gangsta limping
Southside-Northside, forever we still pimping

Still pimping, Southside fa sho
Still pimping, Northside fa sho
Still pimping, Eastside fa sho
Cause these Southside playas for real, they stay pimping
Still pimping, (Northside fa sho)
Still pimping, (Southside fa sho)
Still pimping, (Westside fa sho)
Cause these Northside playas for real, they stay pimping
[Slim Thug]
3 o'clock in the morning, the party still going
Dro still blowing, the drank still po'ing
H-Town still holding, Slim Thee-Lil' Ke
Fat P-A to the T, we the dangerous three
I represent for my city, rolling on low-pros
From 20's to 24's, or elbows and vogues
We the most chose by..., everytime we step out
We rolling to when it slows, everytime we pull out
Know what I'm talking bout, this is H-Town finest
Getting that big cash, putting...behind us
You might find us, pieced up in the club
At least a hundred thugs, deep up in the club
It's the North and the South, the Don and the Boss
If y ou got what it costs, we gon rock the house
Oh no, there go the Big Unit ripping again
Feeling like I'm Don Juan, when I'm pimping a pen


[Lil' Keke]
First three of the flow, when it's time to go
In and out the back do', cause we crash the show
One mo' time I'ma rip, ask Manny Shetip
Pistol grip pump, when it's time to trip
Houston Texas is the home, of Lil' Keke the Don
Catch the legend in a throwback, plus Air Force 1's
And I punch in clocks, plus we covered in rocks
Where the thugs where the ballers, representing the block
Big macking no slacking, and the ladies they love it
Me and 2 looking good, showing out in public
Dirty South representing, go on throw up your C
Pimping pens once again, this is Lil' Keke

Ay man, this one goes out to my family
Much love, one love to my