DJ Screw
Big Poppa Freestyle
[Big Steve]
Well it's me the S-T-E-V
E, Big Steve got a trick up my sleeve
The one who come down in the night
N***a caught them hoes slipping in the day light
Hittin' that motherfucking M-L what say K
N***a 'round the corner had the hook up with that bay
Here some more sherm, you know it's my turn
A n***a wants to know [?] make them hoes jerm
Get some more ice for the motherfucking drank
Got my Glock ready to put to his head, take his bank
N***a took the stash, n***a took a whole key
Full of that fucking killer, yeah it's me
The one in the motherfucking [?] what side
I took [?]
N***a went to the fucking hell
You know my pockets swell, if I get locked [?] pay bail
Cause I know they down with fucking with me
And everybody n***a, all the hoods yeah you see
Down with the n***as from the motherfucking circle
Came down with them n***as that come down candy purple
N***a gotta come red wine like that [?]

And the draper, mane