DJ Screw
Coming Dine
[Verse 1]
Pop my trunk and ima show my surround
3 times a night
But I was thinking seven
A lil 69
I was thinking I'm in heaven
Ima speak the word
I ain’t played like the reverend
Speaking to yo soul
Like you swallowed all my letters
Diamonds all on me
I can't even wear leather
Had it on my wrist
Added value made it better
Fuck can I hit?
Let her know I'm bout to get her
I got ghost on my dick
Like how the fuck can I dead her
I got ghost on my dick
Talk about feeling deader
Please don’t make me laugh
Gone and write it fuck a header
The reason it ain't work out
She was fucking Greg Devers
Too severe but we ain't severed
Embodied in the cheddar
Got her dripping all her nectar
I'm feeling like Sektor
There was smoke
Like a net was
On the cloud
Like a jetson
I rolled in how I stepped up
I treat you like my stepson
The right is worse than the left one
The whole thing here's the next one
[Verse 2]
Gotta pimp a pen
Cause I ain't tryna go in
N***a duck a cell
I ain't bout that holding
Awake but still in place
But like them clothes
You folding
I done came dine
Now my body frozen
She like the to test the water
Like she dip her toes in
I just keep a smile like the coke that she
Her nose in
You say you got hoes
But I got the whole thing
Whatever's beyond our knowledge
I bet they like oh him!
So give me what I need
And pretend that we owe them
Riding in a price
With some leaf that we blow in
Riding in the price
Coated wit no tint
Paint on that bitch
Sour yellow like lemons 🍋
Made lemonade
With all that water from the flood
Seen the sun rise
And I was like
It was good I’m
Still gone flex
While the world on my neck (huh)
I can follow you all day
Finesse a bitch off triple threat
Step back head fake
Off the dribble to the cup
Mix me up something
That’s gone have us screwed up
Now everybody acting like they knew us
That's the only thing that let me know they choose us
N***as in the lot mad
Bitches choose up
You say it’s cheaper to keep her
Well I rather loserrr
My dick still work
I'm like Hallelujer
Pop my trunk they done seen my surround