DJ Screw
Intro (Home of Tha Free)
[Intro: ???, Al-D & Lil Mel]
Haha, yeah
Jam Down Records, up in this motherfucker, you know what I'm sayin'? I got that n***a, Al-D, in this bitch, Wassup, fool?, that n***a, Lil Mel, Wassup, n***a?, shit, you know we comin' through this record shop in this motherfuck for 9-5, we got a lot of buster ass n***as out there, talking that shit, but we comin' real motherfucker, my lil' n***a, Lil Mel, step to the mic and show these motherfuckers how it's done

[Verse: Lil Mel]
Make way for Jamel
Nine years on the planet
Kickin' rhyme after rhyme and you haters can't stand
I'm the real
I'm down with Al-D, so suckers chill
I'm lyrically ill, and the mic is my steel

[Outro: ???, Lil Mel]
Damn, n***a, you the dopest nine-year-old n***a I know, fool
Kickin' up buckshot shells
For the 9-5
Damn fool