DJ Screw
Country Rap Tune (Screwed Remix)
[DJ Screw talking]
H-Town know what I'm sayin?
3rd Coast
We hold the most
D.J. Screw in this bitch
Know what I'm sayin?
I'm right here with my n***as
Big H.A.W.K
Big Pokey
And Towdown
Grizz on the beats
Ya gone feel this 3rd Coast
We shinin and grindin maan!!
Screwed Up Texas
I'mma go ahead and let these boys speak on it though

[Verse 1: Towdown]
I'm from the land of longhorn and cattle
We ride leather and wood
Seatbelts with saddles
Chrome wagon wheel carriages with candy paint
From the tumbling weed we been blowin dank
From sun up to sun down
I lost that blood that's cold
I'm 100 for 100
6 shooters let em know
My duro stay lit
My peeps be shinin
Wanted dead red posters all ova the city I been robbin
Ain't no decidin when I'm ridin
I'm sluggin the chain
Southside strangler rangler
Draw arm and stranger
The days are hot and long
The nights are restless
All my ex's live in the best little whore house in Texas
The devil's ridin dirty from Georgia to Tooasis
I'm not Garth Brooks but I got friends in low places
Howlin South is 1
Packin gats and stackin 1's
Gotta know when to walk away
And know when to run
[Hook: Joe Slaughter]
The Dirty South is what it's about
Poin up smokin out
Keepin it hot like the middle of June
It's the Texas Tycoons makin country rap tunes
The Dirty South is what it's about
Poin up smokin it out
Keepin it hot like the middle of June
It's the Texas tycoons makin country rap tunes

[DJ Screw talking over Hook]
The Dirty South
3rd Coast we hold the most
Know what I'm sayin?
Keepin it real
Tryin to make a mill
Feel me?
Give me a ski taste
Let them boys speak on it

[Verse 2: H.A.W.K.]
I'm Houston's best kept secret
Uncut and raw
On this country western rap
Take 10 steps then draw
1 of da coldest you ever saw
And border outlaw
Watch me shred this track like a Texas chainsaw
Use adjectives and nouns
Sippin drank blowin punds
And all the drugs I intake courtesy of Towdown
Whoa now!
I represent the Dirty South
White cup in my hand
Philly blunt in my mouth
Bout to turn this party out
It's the H-A-W-K
Mr. ballin parlay
And smoke my life away
H-Town superstar
Sippin soda mixed with barre
Thought you never hear my lyrics over a bass guitar
My horses are cars
With a V 12 motor
And my wagon is a 4.6 Range Rover
The game is over
Settin them trends
Now this country western rap is officially in
[Hook: Joe Slaughter]
Repeat 1x

{DJ Screw talking over chorus]
Know what I'm sayin?
Big H.A.W.K
Know what I'm sayin?
My n***a feel dat

[Verse 3: Big Pokey]
They say Down South is what it's about
We eatin beans and rice in the pots is what we got
We got grease baby
We got chicks and dirty tricks baby
And that hydro is what we blow baby
I spits the real
Stay dress to kizzill
From head to heel
Getting my shine on
I'm like a chandelier
Parlay n***a at the park with a can of beer
Wearin tight jeans
With a mouth full of Scope
Cold as a ice berg mouth full of gold
Rap game John Wayne
We did it befo
A Texas Tycoon plus a freestlye pro
Fo sho Down South
Them hoes is thicka
The slicka the wicka
The hydro to the liquor
Still my n***a it's hotta then June
Ya love it when we spittin on the Country Rap Tune
[Hook: Joe Slaughter]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 4: DJ Screw talking]
Fa real maan!!
They gotta feel this 3rd Coast maan!!
We showin up and poin up
Know what I'm sayin
Ridin blades, swangers, candy
You know what I'm talkin bout
Poppin trunks
Know what I'm sayin?
Know what I'm sayin?
Know what I'm sayin?
Know what I'm talkin bout?
Big ballin maan!!
Know what I'm sayin?
You gone respect his
Know what I'm sayin?
Screwed Up Click
N***as thought it was over?
Puttin it in ya face
You know that you gotta know that
Screwed Up Texas
Shinin and grindin
Feel me?
Representin that 3rd Coast
We hold the most