Chrisette Michele
See You Go
[Verse 1]
Hey, why you worry
I see it in your eyes
Why won't you trust me
'Cause you know even if you're a million miles away I'd still be thinking of you
Lovely, why you're so jealous
This is just me
I'm mischievous
But you know that I'm not the kind of girl that would do anything that would break your heart in two

I want you, if you didn't know yet
Need you, might not show it
Love you, more and more
And I really hope I never have to see you go, see you go (see you go)

[Verse 2]
Baby, I'm a Scorpio
I'm independent
I'm in control
Don't think I don't care, that I'll never be there; I'll answer the phone whenever you call
My dear, why you so insecure
You know I love you
And so much more
You mean everything to me, I'm never going to leave you, oh you know that's for sure

[Verse 3]
Lately, you've been angry
Well you can tell me
What you're thinking
I'll tell you everything that'll make you okay, just stay and you'll be smiling again
My love, you're my story
I'm your princess
You're Prince Charming
Run away with me, we'll find a castle, live there and grow old together


Oh, my love
My dreams came true
Finally found someone like you
Oh, you gotta be crazy to think I'll leave
You're the only thing that's real to me