Chrisette Michele
Number One
[Verse 1:]
I wake up in the morning
Ready to get it on
I'm going about my business
Watch me while I go
It's all about me
(No it's not about you)

I got to believe
(I got to get through)
I gotta do me
(I'm good on my own)
The feeling's so free
(It's making me strong, oh oh)

I can't run out of time here
I won't get left behind
I was booked to rise here

So I'm staying on my grind
(I love what I do and I'm doing just fine)
My destiny is calling
And it won't pass me by
I'm a do me for me
Watch me while I do succeed, oooh

I'm gotta be my one and only
One and only
I'll be my own number one
I'll be my number one

I'll put me first
Like you don't do
No second place

No number two
There's only room for one
I'll be my number one
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
[Verse 2:]
When nine to five is over
I'm working on my frame
I got to stay in shape now
No half stepping in my lane

I'm so fly
(I'm a beautiful queen)
I'm going for the sky
(It's within my reach)

Love me or leave me
(Pain me or choose me)
I'm a survive
(Even if you lose me)
Yeah (oh)

You had so many chances
To be on my side
Through root of circumstances
You threw in at fly

(I've been through fire
And wind and rain)
I know that I'm a lose it
But I won't go insane
Pressing on
With all my might
I can see the end in sight

[Repeat Chorus:]

I'm running and I'm running
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
I won't be beat
I won this

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah (Oh, oh, oh, oh oh)

I am a champion
There's only room for one
Victory is all I'll see
So no dream
It's a reality

[Repeat Chorus 3x:]