J. Stone
On the Floor
[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Writing songs, for my dawgs, for my squad, from my heart
How we won, how we lost
How we came, how we saw
Through it all, ashen backs, out the roof, foreign cars
In pursuit by the law
Still we reach, for the stars
Oh my god, oh my god, so high up, I'm so far
Deja vu, I been here before, then come back down to Earth
Need to resist the urge
Still no breaks, on this course
Live and die, either or
Go for broke, hustle hard
Leave it all, on the floor, on the floor

[Verse 2: Cuzzy Capone]
West side of Slauson, grind and make a million
We them hungry n***as in between the buildings
Risking everything we got to feed our children
My city built off a love but we killed it
Hard times posted with pebbles and buddah with it
I was told the money was there, it's up to you to get it
Girbaud with the Eddie Bauer no True Religion
Ralph Lauren ski jacket with the Ruger in it
Quarter back in the block with the [Mike Vick] game
I wasn't always successful but still I made plays
Under pressure I run with the rock and I get away
The main focus was living to see another day
Hall of Famer in the league but I never play
I left my granny house young but I should have stayed
Motivated by money, I was getting paid
Go-getter from the start nah I never changed
I never changed
[Verse 3: J Stone]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm against all odds
N***as getting bodied goin' against my squad, for real
Down to squab when I hit y'all pies, for real
Word to the streets I'm a n***a they tried to kill
Cause I was with the extras, wore hats that had S's
Bang straps with no question
Got cracked with the Wesson, went back, I was stressing
Got out and ran laps and got my blessings you still guessing
Bitches acting like they know me now, wanna blow me down
But if I go down they won't hold me down so fuck 'em
I don't want the honey I just want the money
Low rider hopping like a bunny when them day's is sunny
I put my bro's before these hoes, she can't take it from me
Laughing to the bank but it ain't shit funny
Rich rollin' with royalties, we getting money
Infant J Stone, Nip and Cuzzy