J. Stone
So Gone
[Intro: DJ Drama]
Oh yeah...this shit got him so gone like Monica
Shit got me so far so gone like Drizzy
Pick your pleasure or your poison
Gangsta Grilllzz

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Juicy J stay fucked up Juicy J be geeked
All these meds. I popped ain't got no sleep in weeks
Bad bitches, overseas, model chicks straight freaks
Two hoes and they popping rose in Phantom rose backseat
Plenty cards got a loud pack and a weed card
All do I trip smell it before its lit
Time to set the mood let a naked lady
Shots of Bombay mane
Mansion full of hoes and I’m so gone
On a supermane pill smoking on that

[Verse 2: J. Stone]
J. Stone stay turned up J. Stone bе lit
Catch me in the hood in a grey Fеrrari
I'm a fly ass young Crip
She be doing tricks when she