J. Stone
The Grind
[Verse 1: Roadie Rose]
Talk about it first, then you go and do it
God gave you all that shit, you better use it
Up in the fast lane, I be gettin' to it
Every girl like, God damn, you love your music
It's therapeutic, like when I need to shoot it
Played basketball, way before I was wearin' blue and
They're like, where this n***a came from?
Oh he from the hood, like where you get your name from?
I'm authentic; n***a, that car rented
I tell the truth, a n***a really about to fall in it
I'm gettin' money, hoes love that shit
Flow so sick, why you don't fuck with Nip?
It's all determined, I gotta keep climbing
Gotta show the world, n***a, I ain't no Frankie Lymon
Baby it's all about your grind
It ain't about what cuz can do all the time


[Verse 2: J. Stone]
Fuck school, never played by the rules, I'm makin' moves
Stumped down, ten toes in these shoes, nothin' to lose
Collect revenue; twenty-five eight life, I never snooze
I stay winnin', I could never lose
Get your bread, get your cheddar, fool
Stack it up is what you better do
You get money, you eat better food
You cash out, you rock better jewels
You learn how to play chess, you make better moves
My flow is cold, n***as gon' need a windbreaker
And life's a bitch, she go wherever the wind take her
I been thinkin' 'bout Ben Franklins
I was only ten countin' Jacksons with my friends, it got greater later
Now I only roll with bosses and paper chasers
I'm tryin' have that, cop the landing on the skyscraper
Throwin' money in the air, call it fly paper
Get rich, n***a, now or later