Mic Geronimo
La, la, la, la, la, la, la


[Verse One]
I said, "Come on kids, grab my hand let me take you there."
I'll be the god, show you how we all escape from here
I fear nothing when there's nothing to fear
When I erupt yo I can see out how they scared
I appear and then they're not aware of it
Children, they don't understand this
Somehow I knew it wasn't me but God planned this
I ramshackle whatever come up against me
And n***as is merely a target for clips to empty
I'm deadly
He spit atomically, moving astonishing off of my death bed, alive again
Riding in
What can they do? I'm too nice with mines
This newest weapon here that Mic design
Flawless, repping the streets where n***as moves are lawless
You in need of a shock now the game is dormant
Off an dying a death of torment
I got this now
No need to worry, who could stop this now?
My name's...

To all my n***as in the struggle put your guns up
To all my bitches in the struggle get your one's up

[Verse Two]
What y'all crave?
Children it's all in me
I'm All-City and every thug in the world's with me
I eat pain whole, swallow my struggle and this is nothing
Still continue to roll
Still crushing 'em hard
Epitomizing what you love from a star
Do with n***as and he don't give a fuck who you are
What I am is Armageddon of rap
This for my n***as moving uptown and back and flipping from that
He's never fake with it
I'm just a legend of rhyme and getting cake with it
I move something you amateurs haven't developed
The Mic's inside of his zone, his eyes can tell it
[?] bang to this
Resurrected as hard as I go at it, but n***as gotta respect it
Let me come through, won you, save the game
I'm Denzel and this is Training Day


[Verse Three]
I'm only warming up
Wait till I'm formed to a perfect mic
Where anything that I drop is right
I'm like
Kobe and Shaq coming together to win
With bars that break your leg, erase your chin
Rebellious, my mind's developed, light your L up
I was dropped down to Hell, reverse then fell up
They said I couldn't make noise again
Them n***as never believed
There's more to Mic than what you n***as can see
Now check it
When I combine with the beat it's finished
The X6 gray drop, soon to see me in it
Children, you let 'em come through, save the day
I'll bare your cross then take away your pains
I was made to slay
There's enough of Mic and never see you through
All you gotta do is reach, let 'em free you too
Ferocious, don't let me beat your brain the fuck outta focus
Tell 'em I'm nice as Hell, I know this
Oh yes