Mic Geronimo
[Verse One]
Ayo with blood, sweat and tears I've been at it for years
I swear, I'm bound to make it totally clear
Ain't no turning back, perceivable when I attack, I'll be running rap
About soldiers on my side like a diplomat
It's old and it's finally time
Besides that you never seen no rap like mine
In the cut, analyse how to maintain and rise
Seeing the fire inside of my eyes
We been through
I got a bone to pick with those that pretend to
Open my hand for the slap I extend you
Serving you something like a platter on the menu
My back against the wall, you'll get sent through

To all my peoples in the field for the ones that's gone
I'ma do more than survive while the war goes on
All my peoples in the field to the ones that's gone
I'ma do more than survive while the war goes on

[Verse Two]
My fascination with this art of words turn to art of war
Put a little more into it, try to blow for sure
See, despite the way you thinking, I've been made to endure
Floor the rap like a lotus haul a black V-8
Skating straight aways, moving at a buck and some change
Paralyzed while it hit you like Columbian 'cane
See I'm so willing to kill it, words they couldn't explain
Spark a flame so it burn slow
Feeling me every bit as much as a dutch
Loaded with Branson my gums crush
My elevation from the lands where the guns bust
And to myself and Allah only Mic trust
Mic like a coke rush
Finger on the pulse of the street
Moving through this life of speed
Trying to swear this next generation here to eat
Besides that
Havoc got me feeling the beat

[Hook] {x4}

Keep it on

[Verse Three]
Yo I declare from here, there ain't no more room to share
Declare we gon' take it the top this year
I declare the first one front, die right here
I declare we the hungriest these n***as should fear
Till my deathbed, lungs stop breathing with air
Till it all come together and this life seem fair
I'm declaring this to you inside the [?] god
Give a shout out to Monday and my n***a Lou Jobs