Mic Geronimo
Mack Don Illz
[Verse 1: Large Professor]
Yo, get a load of cool slick daddy [?] pimp nice dit
Gallivanting' all across the globe spitting righteous
Bars for the black, Puerto Rican, and white chicks
Bar gat polo, feet got night checks
Limbs rock [?] a master of arts
To the fullest, the best you can be, we the fullest
I love it when iller ladies say hey
To the kid, I bag 'em right up, to the crib
Like Sprite then I hit them with the dib-dab(dib-dab)
I legislate, hit a flat line while the edge is straight
Magistrate, yo, Large Pro here to educate
Young ones and those who don't get the lesson
I'm the one that flows with anger and aggression
Most times, goin' one deep, no post signs
Pro stine, moving through the street, here we go slime

[Verse 2: Mic Geronimo]
Eer mees kicks, brer leather caps skins
This dude here's like a main weather rappin'
[?] and can't catch him
I'm too far mountain copper we laughin'
Yeah, jump in the pool jump in the hot tub