Mic Geronimo
Crucify me
Renegade, Renegade

[Verse 1: Infa Red]
It ain't what you do, it's how you do it
You ain't sayin' nothin', money, I speak fluent
I'ma sell it like a pump-fake on a jump shot
Chain lookin' like a Golden State from the parkin' lot
I got Swiss money, Kasseem Dean
Then I'm comin' to America, Prince Hakeem
I summons you to the royal suite
With bad bitches feeding you grapes and rubbing your feet
They say they saw you up top gettin' revenue
Chain swingin' n***as don't know what Infa Red'll do
Old bearer bonds, pop my collar like The Fonz
Tomahawk steak, crab cake and the prawns
We eatin' over here, what you doin' over there?
Hurricane Harvey, we just flooded over there
Picked up the money then jumped in the Lear
On my Mike Tyson shit, I might bite off your ear

[Verse 2: Mic Geronimo]
You wanna talk it out, I'm guessin' adult matters
And we can chop it up like some axes and jackhammers
First taste of power, we knew what the game had us
Like the first piece of pussy we ever got on a mattress
Camera rollin' and started, you better watch me
A hundred Yukons and my own Luca Brasi
And they worse than them Nazis was
Got my finger on the button, try to stop the buzz
I'm the fog like the angel of death who came with them locusts
Murder One, Queens shit, focus
Y'all don't notice, then the hunger that drove us
Like Bubba in a stock car, lapped his own diss
And you don't really wanna bring out the old us, the soldiers
N***as that danced in pits filled with cobras
Pass fresh mags, slap, lock, reload us
Aim at everybody, bonus

[Outro: Infa Red]
Yeah, yeah