Doc Brown
The Snakepit
Yo. Check it. Yo
Hey yo listen, the first lesson that's worth stressing, the germs spreading, so i'm re-amending the term "bredren"
Whether Caucasian, Asian, Jamaican, they all hating, they're haters, perpetrating, awaiting for you to waken
It was all good in times that you was broke with them, couldn't smoke with them, but now you got some dough to spend
They're closing in, all for the love of clothes and blings, they want your Os and rings [and where you?] hold them things
It's the topic of conversation if shotting's your occupation, [?] unknown, don't be droppin no information about
Where you keep it, your [?], keep it a secret, who the fuck are you to me to be ticking a half a B
Last week you were safe to me, week before i heard about you hating me, basically, two-faced, facety and fake to me
Where were you them times that I almost got shift for walking on road with a spliff holding an O and a bit
You ain't about when I'm needing some help, only about when I pick up them fresh batches think I'm feeding you, well
If you my man you understand that it hurts to see someone you helped out in the past showing no love in return
So I keep a circle of tight friends till my life ends, them snakebite, fake type, letting money entice them
Double P, don't pretend they're my bres, Therapist won't deal with envious ways, till the end of my days

All you snake types and fake types should take flight
When it's time for drama your face white with stage fright
Snake types and fake types should take flight
[?] remain tight, in darkness and daylight

I'm coming straight out the snakepit, I learnt to never let my guard drop, I had to start off trying to ball small draws of [?]
I graduated school of hard knocks by stacking papers, I wasn't ready for the backlash that my cash created
Thought it was all love, but now I know it wasn't like that, wasn't watching my back, you wanted a spot to aim your knife at
What's done is done, mathematics, pure reason, thought shit's the same, but shit changed like four seasons
How could you do this, divert my eyes from where the truth is, and all the time the snake in disguise was one i moved with
And all the time in the back of my mind, something was off-key
All the time you was plotting on me, clocked how you watched me
And all the time you said you'd stake your life you blatantly lied, 'cause all the time you was nothing but a snake in disguise
And now you scared to look me straight in the eye, it's too late for forgiveness, you and your bitch clique got dismissed from my district
It's on officially, and I'm not chatting 'bout rapping on beats, I'm chatting 'bout man on the street, carrying heats
The pain of what you've done still hurts me like open scars, in the same move you bruck my pocket and broke my heart
So i aim to break yours, I ain't scared to break laws, you went against the grain and got in the way of the main cause
Fuck the fake shit, razor blades I'm quick to lace your face with, fakes get face lifts 'cause I'm coming out the snakepit

I despise those who dick ride and switch sides
Wanna be slick guys, you probably sniff white
Who you think you are, star? I'm your master
You wanna be driving them fast cars, I'll leave your ass in plaster casters
Faster than you can imagine, due to your bragging you getting slewed by crews of yoots that are planning to do some damage
You damn right, so get your plans right, if you don't stand right, how you gon' be walking on road?
Got a portion of dough, they wanna put their fork in your bone, it hurts like hitting the tarmac after a car crash
Fuck getting in large [?] cause when mans try and gwan flash, they getting their car lashed, or they getting their yard trashed
Yo, all snakes have got cold blood, that's why i show no love, it's in their nature as a snake, so i don't hold no grudge
Remain emotionless while i handle my beef, just remember I'll be beside you with my hand on my heat
Cause I ain't like these snake types, Double P will remain tight, play the game right, never suffer from snakebites


Poisonous Poets
For 2002
Big up my crew

All the man dem
Check my grammar, people tried to kill me like Diana
Chase me with a jagged dagger, I stagger back to my manor