Bangin’ on Wax
[Verse 1: Geniune Draft AKA Domino]
Genuine Draft with the Gat
Can you see the Slob slippin' as I aim for the heart but connect with the liver
That I'mma bust to this n***a now he's slippin'
Two to the head now he retarted like a Simpson
Now them Snoops wanna switch black
Why else would they Slobs on the motherfuckin' Crip track
I don't know but it fills me with laughter
So peep this Crip shit for that bitch Slob-ass n***a

[Verse 2: Lil' Stretch]
Fuck all these Crab n***as, that's right
Guess who, Crab Killa's back
The AK-47 mix with a maniac
A n***a with a problem
A n***a ain't wrapped tight
So I'll be rollin' on these Crab n***as everynight
Creep, Creep, Creep, buck buck, how it go'd off
Crabs got towed off, n***as took a load off
Crab got lifted out, mixed out, shipped it out
Tec-9 bullets was the only thing spittin' out

[Verse 3: AWOL]
Well if I'm not killin' a Snoop
I'm runnin' from the police
Or at the spot just hangin' with the homies
Ain't no tellin' where the Kelly is down for
When I'm hangin' on 3-8 double O
A homicide when a n***a ride
Ain't naythin' good about shit with dip out
I kill a punk for the color he's wearin'
And kill his bitch cause keep on starin'
[Verse 4: Red Rag]
I throw low blows and elbows on low-lows and that type of shit
That n***a Red Rag straight
C-sick flamin' like a light from a Bic
I'm a magician and you punk Crab bitches are my tricks
You Sissy motherfuckers take ya heat out ya diss me
You wind up like the Ten Deuce Rice Crispies
Kelly Park stay in Compton
The city you was killed in
Slay, stay down gettin' charged for a million

[Verse 5: Blue Rag]
Fuck it, it's time to take some heads off
Put the barrel of my Gauge in a Slob's mouth with one shot
Blow his damn brains out and watch it shatter
And splatter on the concrete
Another Slob added to my murder beat
I'm Blue Rag, a Crip for life fool
Bangin' On Wax with a Charles Manson attitude

[Verse 6: Lil' Stretch]
In 1975
A n***a was raised on the streets of Watts to survive
Where I live it was nuthin' but a living hell
So at the age of nine I rebel
I was growin' up, my mom was solo
Bump Crabs for [?], n***as don't give a fuck
Rollin' with a street gang knockin' off Crabs
Was an everyday mothafuckin' thang
[Verse 7: Sin Loc]
Sin Loc - quick to put one in your forehead
Shootin' every motherfucker that I catch wearing red
It's only one thing stoppin' this
I gotta do it on wax
So I can't put the cops in this
And if you runnin' at the mouth straight misled
Sin Loc'll put a slug in your forehead
And for the hood I'mma still keep stompin'
East Sider C-Cuz, this is Compton

[Verse 8: Redrum 781]
Four Crabs down, many more is soon to go
Ricketts got love so I'm shootin' up the funeral
I don't give a damn about another n***a's life
I roll by and squeeze on a fuckin' trigger tight
People start to fall up bitches call up for the One Time
Aimin' for his momma so he better walk the chalk line
And I'm servin' Crips to the R.I.P. like it's wholesale
Flue-ass fools are goin' down to a red hell