Slob B.K.O.
[Verse 1: AWOL]
I feel like busting a cap in the face of a Slob fool
I've been a Crip from the gitty-up, been cool
Another Kelly at the scene of a crime spree
I get paid, I don't murder motherfuckers for free
It's like you gotta see dead to play your card
Smoke any Young Snoop and National Guard
They got M-16's, no A.K.'s
With 47 ways, I can stand up and gat for days
Grab the strap, grab the beanie
Wardrobe dark so the Slobs don't see me
We calling a truce, but if the Snoops wanna trip
I break up the meeting and tell them, "N***a, this still Crip!"
Kelly Park just giving the punch, n***a
Atlantic Drive's up the way, so the Mafia's bigger
Neighborhood has got the gats, you don't hear me though
South side break it down to the syllabul
Spooks Town's in the next room
Acacia Block steady giving n***as the blues
My n***as up to no good
Farm Dogs, Park Village, Nutty Block, and Pocket Hood
Tragniew, Mona, and Carver Park
Steady putting in work on the Lueders mark
Palmer Block, Santana, and Original Front
Gotta kill a Slob every single day of the month
SIix hoods and ducky hoods got to have fun
While the SWAMP put in work on 1-5-1
Tic-toc, another Slob drop
Anzac gangsta Crip and Lantana Block
Set tripping, going from the toe, that's a no-no
You wanna scrap, but I'm reaching for my 44
[Chorus: Ebony]
Reaching for the 44
I'm reaching for the 44
Looks like another Slob B.K.O
I'm reaching for the 44
Looks like another Slob B.K.O

[Verse 2: Do or Die AKA A-Love & Sin Loc]
Punch the Slobs in they motherfucking grill
Hit the Crip-ass n***as in Compton and it's motherfucking real
So listen to the vocal track
And you motherfucking Slobs better step your ass back
'Cause a n***a's getting funky on the real level
N***as dying, n***as working for the devil
I'ma tell you like this, G
If I have to kill me a n***a, that's just what it's gotta cee
'Cause I'ma scrap off the top
Put a n***a on chill and knock his ass out like a rock
And drop him right like a bad habit
And now you know that I'ma reach for my motherfucking automatic
Yo, dog, want to grab it
And let them n***as know that they can't have it?
I'm busting the shells on a Snoop bitch
And fuck a Snoop n***a 'cause he's a motherfucking trick
So duck your ass, motherfucker
'Cause if you don't, then your monkey ass straight gotta suffer
Suffer some shit from a pro
Just another Crip block and go
[Chorus: Ebony & Domino AKA Genuine Draft]
I'm reaching for the 44
Looks like another Slob B.K.O
(Yo, what's up with that Crip n***a?)
I'm reaching for the 44

[Verse 3: Domino AKA Genuine Draft]
I got love for them Crip n***as every day
Hate a Slob like a Muslim on the KKK
Hit up the city [?] I better
LBC, plug a slug in the middle letter
What's up with that Snoop-ass jungle bitch?
Slob that, Slob this, now that's some sick shit
And if you're Slobbing, fuck being a brother
Suck shit, do a stroll and just die, motherfuckers
I think a bootie try to smoke the G the other way
Called up the homies from the hood and then I start to say
"Same old Slob-ass bitches try to straight spray
So load up until you caught and the A.K."
When the Glock in the dark, homies hitting me up
Now, it's on for them motherfucking chicken bucks
Hit the corner where I was and seen a red shirt
Mad like a motherfucker, so I had to blast first
They saw us running 'cause they feel what we got for them
But we connecting, so they falling like a rainstorm
Time to go, since we sensed Mr. 5-0
Crips on that trip with another fucking Slob out
[Chorus: Ebony]
Looks like another Slob B.K.O
Well, I'm reaching for the 44
Looks like another Slob B.K.O
It looks like another Slob B.K.O
It looks like another Slob B.K.O
It looks like another Slob B.K.O