Rise Up
Rise up! Rise up!
Rise up! Rise up!
Rise up!

[Verse 1: Del the Funky Homosapien]
The going get tough, they ain't tough, you're going
Precipitate the motive of pain, the rain and omen
Put it on 'em, I'm in my moment when I own 'em
As things get easier, the tougher my tone is
While I increase my hit count, they sit on the couch
So when I fight the live wire, I knock the spit out their mouth
Jump and stomp 'em up against the road
So hard they get thrown against the floor
It's all collateral damage, on the ladder of the janitor
I mop 'em up with both hands on 'em
As they lie about bygones be bygones
They should keep their eyes on the speed of the pythons
Uphill battle the upheaval they gon' know
Time revolves, I reach past the ozone
Look down, and piles of skeletons, old bones
Old infrastructure reconstructed is home grown

[Verse 2: Murs]
Ain't no greater competition than myself
Ain't got time to trip off anybody else
Crossing me's a contradiction to your health
Bro, you might just catch a Slug like the other half of Felt
Self referencing, I come from a deficit
I made my mark in the game and been a legend ever since
I'm the nerd that nobody believed in
Took a leap of faith and I jumped off of the deep end
They was sleeping but I always kept my eyes up
Once you hit the bottom, nothing else to do but rise up
I stood my ground, took things from all challenges
Who thought that I was weaker than the days on the calendar
Year after year, all they saw me do was elevate
Fans fill me up with so much love that I could never hate
Started from the underground, I'm fighting at the street level
Independent icon, one of the elite rebels
[Verse 3: Fashawn]
Ascended from the bottom, driven by my ambition
Diligent my description, did it without permission
Led by intuition like lead my ammunition
Bred to be the victor instead of being the victim
I don't play or pretend or plan on making a friend
Can smell the hate in the wind, feel obligated to win
Well-trained, you wasn't wit me a day in the gym
Had to find an outlet for all the anger within
Banging my fist against the kitchen table at night to block the gunshots, despite it I was able to write my way in the life
From veterans I'm taking advice, they gave me jewels and hopes of illuminating my life
I rose out the ashes, a pro had to practice
In order to perfect this talent that I collected
Obviously dedicated and I'm definitely destined
Not under the impression I'm under your oppression
I rise up

[Verse 4: Black Thought]
When I rise up I bruise, never broken
I move with a short fuse, my wounds never open
I swung and I caught dudes, my tools left them soaking in blood
For my determination is just but a token
My garland is bare knuckle brawling, ain't never falling
My sword in the air's more than the warning of global warming
When I'm strong-arming the brawn of a longshoreman it's a storm forming
I hit as hard as George Foreman in a square circle
When my intention is to hurt you I'mma better alert you
That's where prevention is a virtue
Be a body without a tomb, you're running out of fuel
I'mma throw you a sonic boom, show you how to duel
Bring you into the house of pain, putting out your flame
When I finish you like a game your crew will get the same
You tryna throw shame in my plans to make a name
I'mma put it on a weapon and put it in your brain
I'm a street fighter