Crip, Crip, Crip
I can make you crip if you want me to
I can make you crip if you want me to
I can make you crip if you want me to

[Verse 1: Genuine Draft AKA Domino]
Long Beach Eastside in the house on the sub
From a nursery rhyme n***a cuz I'm a rub a dub dub
On the crip tip, keep it lowkey so anksta
See fuck this cuz I'm a preppy gangsta
Peace peace to my neighbor insane
Knock knock who is it, it's a crip thang
And I don't give a fuck if they think I'm set trippin
Cuz you know my moneys long and you know I'm 20 grippin'
Homies in the hood give me pen clout
And listen to me bustin rhymes, gettin' ginned out
A gang of n***as loc'ed out with the C-Rag
The homie rollin up the dub bag
I see you homie but you gotta stick your hips in
Cause you ain't getting shit if you ain't chipped in
Just kiddin' cause you know I'm giving love
To them muthafuckin' money makin' dubs

[Verse 2: Big Bun]
A.D mothafuckin' C
Crip crip crippin' I'm on the scene
Me and T.C. are throwin' down
Puttin' slobs lefts to the dirt to the grown
Do I want to peel a slob?, you mothafuckin' right
To break them off proper, what the fuck tonight?
C-C ridin' through out the Tookie Lane
Causin' n***as panic, causin' bitches pain
Do unto them as the do unto you
C-C mothafuckas, True Blue
Atlantic is the hood, Don’t Panic is the set
O.G.'S, B.G.'S and Cripplettes
So what you say, don't trip
Slob killa mothafucka
A.D. mothafuckin' Crip, n***a
[Verse 3: Miss C-Note]
From the capital ass C to the motherfuckin rip G
Put my nine Capital double m in sloppy mary
Fuck that bitch, fuck your set
Bitch if you're bleedin' then go get a kotex
Stop the chatter or get the rat tat tatter
Tick tock from the Glock and I won't stop
Crip, crip, crip, break a Slob's neck
And leave they ass wreck three times for the set
This is crip bitch now you know the real
Step to me, I take two to your grill
From the Eastside, from the C-Side
C-Note committin' mothafuckin' homicide
I'm cuttin' dicks of these mothafuckin' slobs
Shove it in they mouths
And make them choke on they own motherfucking knobs
I ripping the guts out of a snoop bitch
So eat the dick and a
Lick the click and a
I keep them runnin' like flow jo
Buck 'em, buck 'em down another slob T.K.O
Chop, chop, chop 'til the Tree Top falls
Glock that little Slbb, quick gots to kill them all

Fuck all them Blood Stone Villain ass n***as
West Side Avenue Piru ass n***as trying to diss Kelly Park
Fuck you muthafuckas
Yeah mothafuckas Eastside Compton Crip n***as rockin' the house
187 ride motherfucking by understand what I'm saying
[Verse 4: Sin Loc]
Crip, Crip, Crip til the top til you drop
Eastside criminal from Compton block
Blue rag creased up with the pants I sag
Don't ask me where I'm from just look at the flag
Whose walking in twos and knocking out Ru's? Cuhrip, cuhrip

Whose walkin' in twos and knocking out Ru's? Cuhrip, cuhrip

Yeah, Crip, Crip, Crip 'til the top
N***a, it ain't never goin' to stop
Been goin' on since the beginnin' of time
I'd like to say fuck Redrum, C-K, Bloody Mary
All you Westside Avenue mothafuckin'
Bitchmade, high vocal ass bitches
Straight out, scratch the B-side out
And we out