Dorrough Music
My Name
This a nitty beat
Hey Yea Say nitty lets gon on and take em back one time
(La la la la, la la la)
We just give em what they want you know
(la la la la, la la la la, go back way back go back go back)
Cuz ain't nobody cuz can't nobody do it like that you know
This a nitty beat

Uhh playin sonic on sega
I can take you back to the motorola pager (way back)
Out of work like craig on Friday (Friday)
But I get paid like everydays Friday
Brand new louie's brand new jordans
And I ain't got a job like tommy off maury
But me and nitty be off in the studio recordin
And I ride tracks like young Jeff Gordon
NASCAR.... And Yea I like this beat
So I be getting off like white boy feet (tryna dance)
Getting chose haters like why me
Cuz when I'm in the bed I'm Muhammad Ali
Beat that once, beat that twice, by the third time ya pussy prolly need ice
Ima young n***a wit a old man say
I can take ya back to ya very first bike

Ha yeaaa lil mama say what, (say what) all I gotta say is wassup
She know my name, errbody in the club they know my name
And they all showin love cuz they know my
Go back way back (4x)
Go go go back way back go go go back way back
(La la la la, la la la la)
Yea boy I take it back like this
Like will smith and a fresh prince fit

Today Sunday the mall close at six
It's already five thirty gotta move quick
But I ain't even trippin ima still get chose
If I didn't have arms I could still pull hoes (yea buddy)
Cuz im fly you ain't heard I rock
I could pull a chick butt naked in some socks
I'm tho'ed off don't run me hot
Cuz my Glock pop like champagne tops
Boom Boom pow like the black eyed peas
Get a strip tease by a black Chinese girl
And im steady transcendin
Six figure check got my bank account pendin
Like thirty seven (thirty seven), thirty eight (thirty eight) im the zone forty five forty seven mike epps tone


I like a chick that thick off cabbage (I like that)
I like chick that can grind on a mattress (I like that)
I like a chick with a real big ass, but I rather have chick that can file my taxes (oh yea)
So dear ms secretary chick lemme be ya boss and you forever bein rich
Watch so icy and it's heavy on my wrist
Got me feelin like Denver when its February sixth (so cold)
Prime time click we like a rubber band
That's about to pop and yea we runnin in
Old school all the og's understand
I can take ya back make ya wanna do the runnin man
Mc hammer thats throw back, country grammer I know that
I'm gone like a woman when she fed up
I can take it back like a Danny Glover edge up (way back)