Kimoji 16 {Rough Draft}
It's that fireman track
It's that fire on the track
Yeah, uh
Yung QWEEZii

Agh agh got em
Yeah, fuxk the pigs
Fuxk the pigs

And now I said uh
Agh agh agh agh agh got em'
Shots were sent out, I shot em'
Agh, shouts to Dark Knight, I'se Robin
F Cancer, yo

[Verse 1]
Say it out loud, I hate Kim yay
Agh agh agh agh agh got em
I been sensei n***ah, a n***ah I been this wave
YUNG THUG FLOW, swish yo

Someone tell Celine Dion to keep her head up
And ring them bells mutherfuxker, oh yeah we'se next up/ (Leona Lewis)
K-i-L-L, Kick it like well
I'm hell-bent, cous I'm ready my n***a I tell'se Lynch/ MOB
Fuck, oui ain't yes man
They can't see us
They can't (agh agh agh agh agh got em/ you see)
Man I swear I pour my heart in this shit, let me sing, fine
Whine, I'm home
The ghost is back/ (sales, sails)
(A Chip a hoy) Front & Sinner in this bitch
Good dick a do that, bud/ (agh agh agh agh agh)
But, I never liked a bitch who doesn't like to swallow
Her pride from time to time
Shit like I do mine
But sometimes its uncalled for
I understand all a that, but sometmes its just called for
Ambidextrous, sometimes its just all 4's
Nike, air-max sometimes its too mas, all force
No drive, got me lookin' like "I need Adidas"
This the type of shit that's make Slim act like that Kim lady
I grew up in the 80s, guess I'm built like that
And n***as knew he was qweezii
The n***a weez, on the track
Agh, yo agh got em
You can tell these shots
It's in your gut
N***AH Harlem
N***a harlem
N***a Harlem
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
[Verse 2]
& if n***as try to flex boi (huh)
I hit em with this tec
I hit em up
5'9 and that n***a sick ah fuh
Meth roids, poppin' all of em' n***ah i been abduct/-ed
Uh n***ah I'm a martian (huh)
3hunned I'm a Spartan
What? a hunned plus 10 n***a
N***ah, n***ah,n***ah
Step that pen game up
Get that fcken count right, n***ah 3-2-1
Countdown, gone n***a
Be one that means gone n***a
The try to stop me but I'm way too strong n***ah
(Knocked out) calm n***a, ditzy baby
I see you, i see you baby
No more cryin' alright wavey babii, ICU
I see you like Emergency I murdered the beat
& beat Dre's up yeah I Beat Dre's up yea
How do you want it? Mind full or mindful
Mindful, I'd break that down for you par-don
Uh, this takes patience/ (Don Flows, QWEEZii)
Doctor or patient don't matta I'll Take Care
Of it, n***as be swagger jackin'
I got my shit patent
Sounds like a Tom pick
Legendary out in the streets of QB
I'm not even from QB
Yall must be runnin' the 2-3
Claimin' y'all too deep (zone)
But man-to-man, it no matta yall can not, can't
Stop the assault
Look likes Gotham at fault
Its QWEEZii baby
Qweezii n***ah
Itz Monster
And tell her
Agh agh agh yo agh got em
See look, its 14:42 I'm tellin' n***as it real (MILITARY TIME)
N***as believe in a anything dollar bills
I could tell a n***a 2 & 2 ain't 4

Ya dig, ya dig
I said yo he's so wavey make her wanna lick the rapper
Ya dig

Cruel fxken kids grew nuts and the Ku-Klux flipped
They grew up way too harsh and too rough
& too hard, clutch like 1-2-1-3 uh
Boyin' n***as, I heard that's my boy my n***a ya dig
& of course gold-diggers report
Just once let it be some D's on that bitch
D's on that bitch
Which is ironic, its A-B-C's
It always it
They want me to trip trip
They want me to b-C, aye
Bay-bee, b-C Cub
Icey hennessy flow, that's my remedies though
That's turbo thot
Pop it lock it errr RoboCop
That's so so hot like the valleys up in at Cali
N***a, n***a n***a
Who piss liquor and flows wine
Like they do red wine
And ahead of my time
A-head of my time, I is
I break bread and rhyme
So it comes to no surprise that my rhymes are the shit
My mind's a tick-tickin' and shits bout to explode
BOOM, bang boxes in
X's and O's
A boombox a steriotype
Triangles down my wall extraterrestrial type
Like, E.T. that's martian
And uh, and I don't stop the bars been
A felonist since the day I started and I'd
Bust your melon quick and then hide for 6
Wave, yea