I flow overzealous, so I know n***as is jealous
They called me Lobo in that hell in a cell
Shit I got out, said I'm gonna tell my story
I never wanted to be one of them little selfless kids on Maury
I'm too fucken selfous
Glory, I always liked gory beats
The bloody ones, that got real rugged son
Rugged son, while I look at the troubled ones
I'm one of them
Son of a gun, son of a bitch
Uh man, doing somersaults and shit
Uh, and summer shit
I guess that's the deadline
I'm ahead of my time
Breaking bread, do you want some paganist?
Uh. just flip the script
They say I'm a paganist shit
They never wanna hear the alienated
I'm an alien I already gave it a
Hundred and 10
I can keep it a hundred again
Hunned again, do it up in the tundred the wind
Uh you can feel it, its so chilly yo
Uh, cheerios how we do
Outkast, yeah around they're doing doo-
Doo beats man its uhh so fucken crazy
Listening to voodoo Jimi Hendrix
I'm feelin like Hendrix
As I dip again with the pen shit
Sometimes I do it by mental, so simple
Uh, I Lennon a beat
Just hope that you'll remember me
And thats the December breeze
The December breeze man and them December leaves uh
Going to uh eventually
Grow back, Kodak
See that, that is so flash
Uh can't you see that, just know that
I'm runnin' supersonic speed
Keeping up with my shadow
I need it, it with ya soul
And I'm the, that asshole
Act rascal, he pass go
He gets his money
Uh, from jumpstreet told you from jumpstreet
Since I came from those Croes streets, hungry
Uh, from those Croes streets, Crow-bars
So hard while I bogart
In Noah's ark, two by the two too
Uh, I guess this is blue like tutu's
Tutu what it do to toe-toe
I guess yo-yo uh just to get dough dough
Uh, I went do-do's
Uh Want me a fo-fo
A fo-five, said when I get out I'm gonna get me a gun
Get me a gun, stick to the script ummmmm
Uh, but I'se a hell-raiser
Tell momma well later
Gotta go back to the lab, to my room and shit
Uh and I know
Uh, until the moon gets where the sun be
I mean uh man
From jumpstreet from jumpstreet
From the Croes Streets with the crow-bars
Uh, bout to uh go hard
Brooklyn, n***a ain't even from Brooklyn
But a crook and, n***a way too fucken crooked grin
Crooked grins, I can see a bunch of crooked grins
Book-ed and uh
On the streets too
I'm (Glor- ) God blessed to be out on the streets too