Qweezy baby
Please say the baby, say the baby

[Verse 1]
Now whats this West Coast dick lickin' about
I went to the West Coast (bitch), the fucken drought
Is the aftermath (you got that)
'Marina Del Rey was beautiful,... just beautiful'
Now whats this West Coast dick lickin' about
Lana Del Rey on that West Coast trip (trip, trip, trip) owww
West Coast Smoker, professional stroke uh
'I coulda died' (it was so beautiful) uh
Uh, uh; let a n***a catch his breath
'Had to get away from New York state'
Plan to revisit, n***a mad at the ref
(Fuck Eric Garnder's murderers: Sleep in peace Eric Gardner Sleep in peace)
Whats this West Coast tripp'n agh (agh agh oww)
Audemar, season order like summer fall
No wonder awe
Could hear the callin' like Autumn aww
Project Fallen Leaves, & the Autumn breeze
Can't you hear it callin, it's callin' and its callin' me
Now a n***a tripp'n (uhuhuhuhuhuh)
Now a n***a lift'n
Now a n***a vision, it feels like it's HD
Now a n***a runn'n game feel like it's HB
Now it's in my hand... (QB)
They scream out loud, 100thou in the stands (QB)
I'm bout to Hail Mary (QB, QB)
Only first down
You see only work found
Was up in the retails, don't get stuck in the details
Forreal, you can catch me chillin' like the Winter (chill)
Kill kill kill (kill, kill) as I enter
& everything in New York ain't always what it seems
New York New York, big city of dreams
But I'm down by law
& I know my way round (2-1-2)
2-1-2 2-1-2, it's never enuff
Fuck is you gon' do
The fuck is you gon' boo, 7pm Ghost Town
AU, just call that gold (79)
N***a I'm a G, call that silver (4-7)
Picture perfect, platinum with all that filter (all that filter)
Call it platinum plus, platinum plus
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
30, 30, (Beast Coast) 30
-Feel it in the Air sample, followed by acapella-
[Verse 2]
Skill which is within
This pen, I feel it in
The air, 2 cheers for the 6-4-6 heir
I tap in my inner powers, a sinner remorse's coward
I'm kin to nobody, and M&M quotes got me
In constant battling mode
(That's nonsense) thats word to J. Battle hoe
My ammo's low, but I reload on a bish in a minute
I gets the image rip it up and scream R.I.P
& I don't give a fuxk cuz n***a when I emcee
Imma murderer, a killer
The one QWEEZii the illest
Believe me I could speak to the dead without Ouija's the illest
The chillest flows for all of my die-hards, the chillest flows
The chillest flows for all of my die-hards, the chillest whoah
Woes, one time for my woes in the city
And I don't give a fuck cuz you already know there's no pity
Know there's no pity in these lines of crack, no vaccine
(Cash Qweezii) for the pursuit of the cash C.R.E.A.M