Spade ♠

Thoughts, thats the point
Feeling it my guess is that villain is a joint
Villain bitch, really dope now the scars felt scouts
We left on our periods cracking hearts really
Club me: ♣
Silly didilly giggily the joke is
I'm getting bigger, wiser more fitter
Cut that crap n***a my cypher is your elixir
Of course, switch up
Swang doing the same thang
Trying to hit a homer yet locked in the chains, bang
Bang. Strange game
Might hit it single just double the triples what?!
Not sixes 5 I'm in lust with the trouble fuck
Frickle with a sickle
Let's see how she cuts deal
Dealer, dealt
Now the clown cases played out
Ace been created
So who am I to chop a heart?
OF little me, topless; arf!
Obnoxious fart
I got this, reembark on my bezel
Who's wolfing? who?
Crack that neck, clarinet
Who's wolfing you
Sponge it up: good pussy
B.O.B's in the trap O.B's in the trap
Trying to lock up the Queen B
Forgive her we whack
Ed-ed-ed Principals OB, odee we
Ye! I'm a Monster all day
Put down the videogames we conquer hallways
Let em' talk/ there little jokes
Let em' talk/ little joker
You can't stop it
Paranoid Androids Ok Computer what topic
The jokes on me
Get up then come down on me
I let you reign
Spade ♠