#Tha Monster EP {14'}

[Verse 1]
Go, 2 riots happened
In the park quiet assassin
Choirs trashed in bout five interactions
Pick up the gun; Eye for an eye captain
Ride or die wolfin' like I was the hasbeen
Black Sheep and the trial's a scab man
Leave that shit alone, blood
You suckers feel in love with a good lie, a good guy
Though I doesn't know I could lie, could lie
Side by side Ronnie & Bonnie put Clyde on it
Thats 97', 03', 13' my vibes count it
1, 2, 3 into the 4
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 beast mode send the corpses
Animated, reanimated
Dam I'm faded can't play this
Chess game, sick of it
Pickle shit the real deal
Lick it bitch kill kill
Bittersweet literally
Frickled the little leagues
With a splash of water, dashed past borders
Police banana boats
Can you feel me? Is Sam a joke?
Can't a loaf with out the bread
Cantaloupe peaches cream
Manna smoke
In my favorite chariot
I'm looking for my superwoman and a cherry yep
Crazy bets
Will she have an ass like Serena or be a scary vet
Check and look for yourself
'King Me!'
Glorious bastard x2

[Verse 2]
Nikko J. Anthony, leader of the group
Project Fallen Leaves, crumblin' leaves what we do
Keys to the coup
Real breezy I do it real easy
Uh infamous
Syndicates breded hitlist
S-I-N is in embedded, scripted
Act rite, yall n***as seen the death note
Woven in skepticals
Pardon me the next to blow
Over, didn't know that it was so
Chauffeur show me out
Frigid the tops down
Clock round 2
Something to bound to
Sending them hounds to
The republic bitch Detox
Gold retrievers in they best
Slum ville mistress sent a text
To pig tail Mrs. pin a dress
So I'se could google
Its frutile, scrutile, screw the McDoogle
Lord I want great lights
Break out like a sage type
Prophet to make a profit
Enlodge it shake mobs strip
You down to the floor
Don't want you round here no more
Tell the town its divorce
No poison its a rose
Raisin in the sun
Get the picture its erode
Willy & Emmy chew up this pill
It's just real