Iyyyy! Demigod!
4:20 am on memory fu*kn lane

I haven’t done this in a while, so I do it from the heart
If ends don’t eat, I take it all back to the start
Many Ni66as living, only dead on the inside
Conversation with the bros, open up my insights
Plan to make a living from anything, I would die for
Only pass the code to people I would lie for
People wey no go troway face if they see my call
I’m stating for the records, make all men just dey ball
No substitution, no segregation at all
Try to stand me, na the same place wey you go fall
If I do you bad I no go vex when you pay me too
Tell you how e be, shey u go clear me too?
A demigod,Unto the world I was given to
Enzymes no fit break me, if I was a molecule
See how the pressure made me you still Dey doubt, me
Chase dreams and the bag, Wetin be clout, see

Three times the reaper tried to reap me off
Circled around me three times, It pissed me off
Truth lies sometimes when you can’t understand the pain
This is for real, oh Really bruff, What’s the gain
I’ve seen hard times, shey my name don be t-pain
But no p, squares in the hexagon again
Tell them mandem to loww me, see the picture again
To any man wey Dey find me, I’m on a mission again
Since a youngin I held my grounds like a real G
Like I was born in ba sing say, make you free me
Held conversation with them OG’s , on a g5
Sold half my soul, now look at how it made me
Now I’m a god I still chill with them OG’s
Open your eyes and Watch what you say, g
Now, every time that you pray G
Do away with the frauds, hold your side g
Take note as you pen down the things I say
Rest In Peace to limits I broke, I got carried away
Gratitude on steroids, Anytime That i pray
Let go of all the grudges I hold, fly away
How I Spread shoulder like gown wey get flays
How I Talk like a preacher and I move like a militant
In the room I’m not the highest I’m the elephant
Make them all tench like town wey dem raid
For financial freedom you have to make bread on a daily
Not to end up dead, I had to play dead like a folly
Who would ever think I would roll up there, like a rally
Scare things made all my fears disappear already
The feeling that it brought me
Came in a high horse, blowing trumpets to the air
The wings Wey God give me
Pimping a butterfly to baphomet for earth
Even Directors no fit cut me
Big Bros, forget na only God we dey fear
I don see many reasons, only one option for here
If you do anyhow, first thing na to bottle your head
Pray to God for forgiveness, go out, get the bread
Hell raised
Like Australia I started burning trees
Freeze up
What is left , sub zero Dey for here
Pen raised
Like euphoria I started seeing things
Ease up
Place the bet, see ojuju for here
If I could change myself maybe I could change the world
A royal highness Trapped in this awesomeness
4 20am and I’m lost in a cloud of thoughts
Brain storming now I rain over these Roman rugs
Divine from the start to the end
Anybody wey no straight make e bend, I no send
Divine from my head to my toe
Any witch wey Dey doubt make e show, e go know

Number one, Number one, but I’m two divine
Number one, number one , I’m two divine