(Verse 1)
All my life has been a series of ups and downs
I bet it would be crazy like a circus with clowns
It was first about making my parents proud
Now my life revolves around making a bigger crowd

When I was young I thought I had the world in my hands
Nothing holding me back, I was the king of the lands
But then I knew that it was no easy a life
Cause after all this life, we were living in a Cife

I'm in a life, don't even know what's right from wrong
I don't know what religion I'm into, or where I belong
I just wanna know what would happen in the end
Should I forget about that, take my money and spend?

My mind is clouded with everything inside of me corrupt
Who should I look for to hopefully regain my trust?
Oh please, someone just let me see the light
I wanna do something with my life before I say goodnight

Now I'm Strugglin' with my own demon, a spell
And there is no other choice for me but to rebel
And if there's only one word for you that I would tell
There is nothing you could sell to get you way outta hell
(Verse 2)
How about roaming the streets, every ghost just looking at you
No one knows who you are, what's your name, or what you're into
Would you stay your whole life enshackled by your own enemy?
It is definitely your own self and it's killing me

I know, it's not that easy
But at least that if you're trying hard, try not to get sleazy
Don't you see that it is right, stay your whole life try to fight
With all your power and all your might, fight until you see light

But I guess that won't change all so it's time to be moving on
Go harass another girl who has diamond or has pearl
Just don''t ever play on god and tell him "I didn't know"

Can you even apprehend what he could do to you?
You can never run away from him even if you tried to

You wasted your life on girls and smoked a lot of trees
But in the end you won't be able to smell even a breeze