Double 09
[Intro: Beretta 9]
Killa, Killa, Killa, yeah, Kinetic 9, Killarm'
9th Prince, yeah, Double 09, yo, check it, yo

[Beretta 9]
For this game, I had a flare, since a young adosclent
Rocking military gear, to this day, I be dressing
Ain't equipped without the boots, canteen and my weapon
And my favorite color green, cuz the dough, I keep it stepping
You know what just what I mean, slugs flying out your second
Hit like a marine, recognize it be your admiral
I'm not talking bout Five Percent, like bombs, I be dropping
And I'm very high, right and my squad ain't no stopping 'em
Like n***a, what you think, put your tank on your boulevard
Then we achieve by war, body tapped near the cooler scar
The quiet then on tour, Killarm' they said they came
But prepare for the verse, cuz this one is just a decoy
B-Boy, I will seek and destroy
Doing just what I love, it be bringing me joy
Like, like, n***a B-Boy
Doing just what I love, it be bringing me joy

[Chorus 2X: 9th Prince]
9th Prince and Beretta 9, we both carry nines
Check the signs of the times, it's '09
We got the shine, and living fine like wine
Young James Bond, change Double 07 to Double 09
[Boy Jones]
Who's my Godfather? Where's my Godfather?
Tell Al Pacino, to ask about his Godfather?
Oh yeah, I'm a Godfather, inhale, exhale
No lyrics, system is him, buddy, I smell
Swimming through your neighborhood, I'm the great whale
Boy Jones sell his lyrics in Amsterdam
I thought they bought marijuana in Amsterdam
I'm so hot, they buy my music in Amsterdam
You have to maintain, to obtain
It's hard to guard ya life, swerving in the damn rain
Weed, and listening to me is like second hand smoke
I, I put cancer in your throat
Boy Jones is a evolutionist
Pray with my city, told her terrorize the terrorist
Make you disappear like a-a-a-a-a illusionist
No reason to apoligize, your words ain't worth shit
Negotiation for your life, better be worth it, Boy Jones

[9th Prince]
Yo, return of a Wu Renegade, I hold the Afro Samurai blade
Trapped in the dark halls in arcades, I'm cold as Ice Age
Million dollar bets in casinos, love chicks that's Filipino
Draw like a Beatle, bang bells like Reno
A n***a with a righteous chill like Al Pacino
The Terminator, terminating, there's no escaping
What I'm raping, causing earthquakes and
Shaking up the nations, and populations
Melodies I hear, with a sharp ear, return of the Golden Spear
Gladiators with muscles, caught in the scuffle
Bare hand knuckles rough like Ruffles
Better keep a muffle, I don't chuckle
Shut an apple is my hustle, for hip hop, I got a jones like a Russell
[Chorus 2X]