I’ll Sigh
[Intro: Kalen & Lexie]
Uno, dos
[Verse 1: ZaedynMusic]
He's got work, he’s got time
That doesn't matter, I'm a lie
Cancel me, what I deserve
I can’t write a good verse [???]
[Refrain: ZaedynMusic & MONSTER]
Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad
[Verse 2: ZaedynMusic, MONSTER & Both]
Passenger, that's not fair
I'm the one that doesn't share
Take your time, take my life
That's it, I'll sigh
[Outro: passenger10 & MONSTER]
That dad is unfair cause he wants to do stuff with him
I'll smack him, yell at him, yell in his ear, get in trouble
Double bubble, double trouble