Team Backpack
[Don Mykel - start of 1st verse]
Make some motherfucking noise one time

[Don Mykel - 1st verse]
I thought I told you I would be the one
They looking at me like it's Easter Sunday in all pink for love
I'm so Harlem, don't bother - please ignore
I'm so uptown my air-force one seamless soar
Who keeping score?
I've been feasting on these beats for fun
Don't quote me like he's begun
I'm more like well seasoned raw
The beast of the coast
2-3 that beat's the goat
One sneeze you're gone
Don blessed you
Leave 'em bleeding like sneeze on menstrual
Been through
End it like my energy resent you
Hence you phony Wolverine's disease
Your armor weak - behead you
End you and send you six feet in depth
To Hell to
Repent your sins agaisnt your king who weld you
Melt two
Doses of adamantium to compel you
Sell you to the highest government bidder yet fail to
Now you' running wild
But I posses the power to impale you
Drill through your heart with a wave of the hand and kill you
That the ill two
Villains like Magneto and Stryker Williams will do
With a pen on both of them
I X-men reveal who
Flex - then derail you from your cerebral
Mental for thinking that this muntant gene we share
Will defend you
And not gene like Jean Grey
'Cause that would make me Wolverine
And you Cyclops with the beam rays
I'm talking gene like our genetic coding make us seem strange
Differentiate us
And then do what you heathens can't do - that's
Top 5 longest metaphors in rap history
Rhyme like voodoo with the flow and black mystically
React viciously
Punch lines will attack instantly
"Back isn't he?" they ask
I never relax - these tracks fidgity
I glide swiftly
Yo' vibes' shifty
And I might show up in .5
Just to show you you can't collide with me
My exterior's impeccable
The superior impregnable
Who fucking with me when I'm in the booth?
If Satan's alive I'm the sinning proof
Still got enough to decide Heaven's crew
I'm pulling strings like Jimmy Hendrix - Gepetto, too
It's like I split in two
Now levitate is what my ceiling do
There's no limit to my skill, my willpower or Mamba mode
This is that 81 points on Toronto flow
This is that MVP-season
The most volatile poet
To envy me is treason
[?] souls, n***a!
[Jeff Turner - 1st verse]
Lately I've been focused on my gratitude right
'Cause life is lame with a shitty attitude, right?
Blowing up over night?
That's just a case of denial
Succes is slow motion
Like the natural fade of a smile
And this is what was made as a child
Used to be one of the crew - but
Among the eagles there's no space for 'em - [?]
They said Jeff couldn't fly
Fall out the nest and then die
I bruhed myself off and put my feathered chest to the sky
Now I'm busy getting rid of all the malice up in wonderland With my pencil
Getting rid of the idea that no one else can ever understand
What I've been through
Remember back when I was all alone
And felt like God himself was against me
I follow my instincts
Yeah, no rapper should prosper me
Life is a woman needin' convo
Taking shots at her place
?While I call on a date?
So, what you think this 3.1 for?
That's the Life of Pices
I see the Eye of the Tiger
I'm a survivor - and so you know J.T won't crumble
Knees might stumble but never give up
And to society's standards We gon' never live up
Just know that you' a star
Next time that you're filling stressed
Look in the mirror - say it with me:
"I'm a beautiful mess"
[Don Mykel - 2nd verse]
I am the point where if I talk - you listen
Gotta demand attention to get across my vision
See, these n***as talk relentless
But they often slippin'
While I glide above cautious still I hawk at n***as
I peep all foul play
But won't earn a word of speech
If you' nothing more than a mouth-threat
The young wolf alpha
I got this whole shit mapped out
I switch the flow on 'em just to shout out my swag loud
These cats' ass style
You can't hold back now
Provide the wave to this broke cattle - turned cash cow
Ran through the back route - they still can't spot me
So I hit the stripper act out but the whole game copy
But these frauds can't knock me
This be that shit they wanna hear from me
Let it be known it's that year for me
And all my peers 2-3
Can't even fathom this mindset
From free throw lines spit we will soar
Skills on
Lethal dialect
I speak too complex
Who want it with the beast
I'll come flex
My reach' long
Please don't contest when Don stretch
I feast on these songs to please y'all - and pray this sick spitting lead me to a life of pleasure
We are next
See, I can tell by how these rap nerds receive our texts
Then force 'em out of context - they can't perceive our stress
This content's is just a reaction to the shit in which we feed our best
Adversity reversed - we are blessed
These verses need reimbursement
After these songs read
MC's claiming God - I see your flesh
Begone - is best you don't give me reasons to keep on
I see you're vexed
Oh lord, I turn the heat on - flex
Till 9-7 drop a bomb on this one - see that's when karma hits them
For all the times they hated
Said I was un-marketable - but now they asking favors
Yo dog, hop on this song - I tell these bastards "later"
They want shares on Instagram - a host to get they' name up
No bandwagonners - could ride this wave up
Form of haters frontin like they day ones
Inviting n***as to they' shows like I won't like they stage up
On the mic I'm dangerous
Name a vice there ain't one
Mykel, the perfect specimen
My squad urging me to purchase weapons and
Stay low - they tend to murder better men
I can be scared of federals and law enforcing veterans
They want me murdered
Like after death you're more important
But then my words forever live
Through these speakers I can purge your residence
To this industry lacking verbal intelligence
Smoked out on herbal elements
Thinking they verse is better than
My catalogue is set to scatter frauds
Top tier conversation - and you n***as is not involved
This a snotty nose
Been on the hunt for a pot of gold
I lock and load on any target then I explode
Through the ring of fire where the lions go
Pierce hearts like spear darts when the mic is thrown
Make them re-examine all that science knows
They ain't never seen a flying throne
Floating over lenix when the sire's home
King Kel cultivated with an iron soul
Even when the tire's blown - you can bet my drive is strong
Tell my werewolves "we can't hide no more"
This is that fresh-out-of-the-dungeon rap
And tell the warden "we ain't coming back"
Motherfuckas, what you want n***a?

[Jeff Turner - 2nd verse]
Uh, hold up - something I wanna tell you
It feels like all of us made plans and they fell through
It feels like all of thems are doing things that we can't do
But that's just a cell that they're trying to sell you
Western civilization - what an adamant people
And if we' guilty from the start
I guess that Adam is evil
We even/Eden garden/guarding our hearts
With the phones in our hands
New religion took a bite out of that apple from Steven
Is this why times passing so easy?
And I feel like I'm living life with only half of a reason
I don't look up anymore - my attention is done
Now you're thrown in with a gorilla for neglecting a son
I got the jaws to chomp on the arms of those who made war
Drop off a bomb, I'm scooping that cheese and go top it off
And cook your ass up like I'm Papa John and slice and dice [?]
[?] candles
I can tell that you like to life gamble
You [?]
Full of our selves - locked in a super ego, hay!
Even Papa Doc became Pac and a superhero
The Villian wins some times - so Imma do it by myself, ha!
Oh, you a star? Well watch me buckle Orion's Belt
I'm down with my women - affection is soothing
And especially when the brain's blessed with the beauty
And I'm smart when I'm drinking so cleverly boozing
But I stepped in with a Beverly left with a Susan
Distracted again
No app for the friends
Just a device that's surgical attached to my hands
I need balance - so right after I
Give this cypher a look - Imma open a book
And it's okay - because you're looking at me like wonder how
Shout out to the motherfucking Mission Underground
That's the reason that most of has been spent
How'd i kill this cypher and I hosted this event?