Team Backpack
Team Backpack Cypher (12-28-13)
[Verse 1: Brewster]
It's Brewster!
I got pictures to prove that I was born fingers first
So pretty much it's been "fuck you!" since my day of birth
These fangs will work til' haters learn it's a waking turn
And I'll say sink and spin until your anus bursts, bitch!
Basically I'm just blatantly enabling some haters to say something they gon' say to me
They'll hate on me like, "Eh, Brewsters okay, I mean he say some things that's dope, but off the dome, he can't say a thing!"
So, it's my credit you've come to take from me
Then take the feet to the face until your face becomes make-believe
You ain't taking shit until your anus leaks
Bitch I should air you pussies out, just to say I made you queef
Oops my bad, I don't see the sign that says "Do Not Spazz"
But I don't see a sign that says "Do Not Gas"
Real shit, like I came from 2Pac's ass
I never asked for this hype, you so dramatic it's like
Having a fight, with your dad because he was smashing your wife
And to that faggot who called me an Uncle Tom
I don't want [?], unless we come to fuck your mom
Put your hood on!

[Verse 2: Tyler Gary]
Welcome to the land of golden bridges
Where even in the summer the beach is cold as your fridge is
I'm in the skipping steps, I'm just steaming for the finish
So I started fucking bitches without receiving the digits
If you got a wife or misses under 50, I'm a menace
These cougars hump my leg like, "You resemble Jimi Hendrix!"
So sadistic with my pen is, pressed against the composition book
Grab a stone, skip it, hit three birds and I don't even look
High as fuck on Neverland, you can call me Captain Hook
I wanna be a king but, crowns are given to the bigger crooks
So now I'm evil and awesome, folks playing possum
Cus' I'm aiming death rays like, Marvin the Martian
Better duck sir, time to hunt you looking like a duck sir
Only duck I fuck with is my n***a Duckwrth
If we talking ice creams, my shit never soft served
Limited editions a figment when you can cop four
I seen your girl and I'mma dominate her
Smack her on her bottom half, her denominator
The award for these nuts, I'mma nominate her
I'm the reason that you kiss her and it's kinda flavored
[Verse: 3: Scru Face Jean]
I bury hoes, probably why you acting super scary though
Cus' dragons known for flowing, yo back home they call me Gyarados
But I be more than pokemon, I stab them all and yolk them on
Nebraska, Georgia, Cali for my family, I ain't chokin' mom!
Now that's that, I'm sharp enough to slash on all you rap cats
Your clique's in my knapsack, now that's a team backpack
No scratch that, like mad craps, on the pussy and cat stacks
I'm close to Compton we hear machine guns poppin, black flag (Bla! Bla!)
Body dragging a black bag, my n***a this ain't twitter, we ain't fronting you like #hashtags
I see the game in limbo, we raising the bar
Slow that last line down, cus' once you get it it's hard
And motherfucker, I just opened up for Kendrick Lamar
And now I'm in the west coast, and we setting the stars (Lawd!)
I'm Rozay meets flare, I'm on my Rick shit
And RIP Lil Snoopy, might of ripped shit
Like Wale a n***a down when he degifted
And if the Meeks shall prosper, I'm rich bitch
But fuck a shiny watch, I'd rather box until I got em all
Plus the art of war is worth more than an autom-a

[Verse 4: S.P.A.D.E.]

Now N***as Know I'm on a Power Trip
So I will never Run Away
See Trouble is nothing new to me
This is just another day
To contemplate my future goals existing in this living youth
So I'm tasting all the sweet n***as of the Forbidden Fruit
Living in the Land of the Snakes
As a place of feel [?]
No Kerney Sermons yeah these n***as couldn't buy a prayer
But Sparks Will Fly
You will hear those shots
The women G too so don't ask "Is She Gon' Pop?"
And She Knows how to get More Money from Rich N***as
Body like Miss America
Don't tolerate bitch n***as
But Ain't That some Shit
How these gold diggers make away
Put that Crooked Smile on and treat these n***as like Chaining Day?
But me I'm trying to make my ma proud
Where's Jermaine?
Cause she felt the same way when she thought he let Nas down
Now the n***as spitting Villuminati's a sworn winner
Leaving behind a lesson that we're all Born Sinners