Team Backpack
Flawless, Yung Mar, Black P
[VERSE 1: Flawless]

Never been a Rookie and had nobody to push me
Had to fight to get a buzz...Look it how long it took me
Its funny they overlook me, Now I'm seeing it could be
Bitch N***as get ahead cause the power is in the pussyy
But I came up and you can't duck, change up when their change up
I been here with my 5th near like a drinking habit I can't cut
And I'm getting sick of these lame fu*ks
Coming here with that same stuff
If they on a TRACK and we ALL ABOARD (ALL Are BOARD)
Then I'm making sure that that TRAIN'S stuck

Told ya'll from the get go
Gotta to steal the spotlight I'm a clepto
And every time they get the mic and don't let go
Ill never stop until I'm reaching the top and coming after the spot of you MARKS so GET SET GO
Tell me what you're gonna do when I step though
You don't even gotta plan for that Metro God Damn!

See I been Rapping, Been Snapping, trust nobody when shit happens
Them same people you backin' will get your KID-NAPPED while your KID NAPPING
SPELL it out like its WITCHCRAFTING cause you know that this shits bad when
Even TYLER PERRY told me you should stop with all your BI**H ACTING Its real!
From a place you don't know bout, where you need a 45 just to go out
And you just might trip with your eyes on your lips cause you know that you better watch your mouth!
You can never stop me, style is BIGGER than PAPI'S
I see you in the street Ill Start SNAPPIN' like PAPARAZZI
Mimicking all these rappers that mimic your skills are rocky
Bunch of WU TANG Ni**as tryna make a MILL off a COPY
Upset is what they got me...But I ain't making no sound
Its nothing like the 70'S whenever This go Down (DISCO DOWN)
I was raised in the east, yea i'm a beast
And you mad cause your girl want me in the sheets
But the teams gonna have her in the room for the week
Call JEFF we can turn her (TURNER) to a freak
Its Flawless, I do this, Make money never excuses
If you want beef I suppose you should ask D ROSE you can get HURT over BULLSHIT!! TeamBackPack

[VERSE 2: Yung Mar]

Sitting back counting this money i got a paper view
Mama like look at this meal that God prepared for you
Don't rock with too many n***as only a chosen few
Cause now days they will hate on you just for doin' you
Come to realize a lot of rappers be frontin'
If rap was a basket then n***a im Tim Duncan
Been in it for years since this cypher shit first started
And always been clutch buzzer beater like Vince Carter
Got the,, eye of a tiger heart of a lion king of the jungle you n***as Michael sam in the huddle feelin' on n***as cuzzin i ain't feelin you N***as came to LA to murder the cypher like a serial killer
War zone where im from everyday i keep my eyes pealed
Thinkin cap on hopin i dont get my mind spilled.. And everyday im Keepin cautious mama prayin' on her knees just to keep me out that coffin

[VERSE 3: Black P]

Peep it Abe Lincoln got me thinking bout some real shit
I'm John Wilkes in the booth the way I kill shit
I Can't feel shit, you uncle tom n***as spittin
Now I'm holden up 2 peaces like Richard Nixon
I'm good with phonics but on love to say ebonics
I'm a product of budget cuts and reaganomics
Lying bout Money taxes bitches U.F.O's
Ironically Money's the same reason you F hoes
Speaking of those Marilyn Monroe paved the way
Now, I'm getting brain off top, you know J.F.K
And I ain't slippen with my pimpin, I'm bill clinton
Wifey at home Monica Lewinsky still strippin
Trippin because he dodged the draft like a known puss
The towers fell like panties and it exposed bush
Innocent people died it left our homes shook
To find the enemies right here the known crooks
Economy crashed in the same place they left us in
We need real independence not Thomas Jefferson
In god we trust on dollar bills with money faces
So were worshiping slave owners a bunch of racist
Dead presidents don't represent me