Team Backpack
Obvi, Catalyst, Jeff Turner
[Verse 1: Obvi]
Let me introduce myself to you, since we ain't formally met
My name is Troy Carrera Boyd. The second we met
I would sell you Bars just to help you connect
And if not leave you in jeopardy like I'm Alex Tribbett
Let me give them my free gas
Yes Mr unleaded
Fuck the presidents there's no AR in here. said it
The beast gets bigger but only because we fed it
I make cut throat music just to see where they be headed in
I could keep gassing as long as they asking
I take the beat and go and stick it inside of a casket
And if they want it from me I could give em' to it
Anytime and focusing on every line I'm a rapper up in his prime
And I will go to your funeral, and treat it like a urinal
And show up to your wake and spit this verse in 1 take and take
All your inspiration and pour it in our glass
I'll never let you sink in the sands of your hourglass

[Verse 2: Catalyst]
Yeah, Down for the downfall like ground balls
You reaching out for the decent
You teaching out for the weak and
Couldn't even have bars in the precinct
Flow, flow
So why give a 10 those bars?
I bend those bars, spit freestyles
Ride around with my friends in cars
I'm on my brain like adobe
You could see what's on my mind it's just my drive
So when I dream I'ma weave between these lines
I'm on last flight, that's right
Till we touch down like pylons let bygones be bygones
You ain't on shit that I'm on so let's go
It's kind of like a fat girl trying to skinny dip
Yeah it don't make sense
Yeah that I don't make rent
Yeah but I'm back for y'all serving the track one time for y'all!
[Verse 3: Jeff Turner]
My pen is perfectly poised
Pieces of papers piled up, that's how I stay employed
Peter Piper picked a pack of pickle rappers and I
Pointed pistols of poetry penetrating their paws poison absorbed. Hah!
Life ain't always sweet sometimes it's diabetic
Depression told me "You ain't got no parents, you're pathetic."
Got my PhD in preservation my guidance was prosthetic plus
Papa was a preacher so partner I'm prophetic!
That means that I've seen a couple things that are green that'll make you scream
Got a demon in a dream in a scene that I only see on screens
But I'm me, I'm a king gotta lead and it's all about what I bring
So I'd rather have us kiss the sky, we never kiss the ring!
You don't get it? They won't behave in our DNA
It costs to be the boss, but never pays to be a slave
Look, this is your life and your call
Just don't let the way that you were raised
Become the reason you fall
Don't look down past your nose at me
Because I'm right where I'm supposed to be, supposed to be
Negativity never come close to me
Because we're right where we're supposed to be, TeamBackPack!