Team Backpack
DUCKWRTH Rooftop Freestyle
[Verse 1:]

Every time I turn my TV on
I see another innocent black kid gone
Killed by the NYPD, LAPD, f*ck the police
Trying to act cool but you don't know me
You dont protect, you enforce the law
Got a rocket launcher aimed at your dome piece
It's only so long before the guns are drawn
That warfare brought to you
By the police that kill with no care ain't sh*t fair
Raise my fist but not to show off this wristwear
If you standing up, if you backing down
When you allow brutality
Ain't sh*t changed since Pac days
It's thug life to my eulogy
Ain't new to me, just a different town
Rodney King under Mike Brown
Its hashtag so you hyping now
But tomorrow I dont hear a sound
The biggest gang in the world ain't Crips and Piru its police
And they show their colors daily
So show yours or be deceased