Horace Brown
You’re So Vain
Uhh.., y'all wanna know something that I've learned?
You really can't love somebody until you've lost the love of someone
It was a hard lesson for me, I'm a tell you about it
My man Ho' Brown gon' hold me down

If I never see you again, yo, I'll remember you
I'll remember your smile and all the things that it could do
I remember your touch that could erase all of time
And hold on to memories until I lose all my mind
If we never kiss again I'll remember your toes
Held you in the air every time your eyes closed
It's like I dwell upon nights until I lose all energy
Find it hard to find it factual, the memories
Of one two shared, it was me who was scared
Now it's like we never met and yo, I find it so weird
To be without you, you who told me all time we'd share
Without you, me the only reason that you're not here
Sometimes I find it hard to walk, see you left me no crutch
Never knew love could hurt me so fucking much
Friends tell me move on I tell them that I can't forget her
And on the low, I've got to do my next love better

[Chorus x2: Horace Brown]
Cause you're so vain
I bet you think this song's about you
All the same
Girl, I've got to do my thing without you

Now if I lived to be a thousand I couldn't forget your walk
It's a walk that very few can maintain in New York
With your head so high and your hair so fly
And a face that's full of cheer even after you cried
And I apologise, baby, believe me I do
I know it's hard for you to see but I was crazy about you
Convo: more than witty, persona of a cutie
The crazy pretty titties, we was working on the booty
The beginning has us winning like the end had me sinning
With a fetish for undressing well-dressed women
Behind me now my company is all good men, they say
I'll get over with you with time but, yo, it won't go away
And it's often I play with the thought of a sequel
But whenever we speak it's like we're two different people
So I wrestle with the memories like men and marietta
Given the chance I'll do my next love better cause

[Chorus x2]

Now I recall us laying in bed and seeing stars through the ceiling
Remember that shit, yo, if I lived to be a million
I be feeling that it was in the script that we got together
To be broken up forever, official for whoever
Or who will, I made the joint maybe true
I tell her that it's her but it's a little bit of you
In me playing it, less the antics, taking her for granted
The semantics of romantics in alignment like the planets
Too far, I'd done come to play roach notes
Now I live to share my love with whom I give couture coats
Consistency, stability and sex with agility
Now I know senility, better yet humility
Cause my baby's love picked me from off the ground
And I'm proud to say old-timers had me holding them down
People can say whatever, never would've done better
But I did and now I finally got my shit together

[Chorus x2]