The Walkmen
Hang On, Siobhan
I'll be back tomorrow, that is if you're here
And you promise to keep it between you and me
It's all just a dream, man, it's all just a dream
I've been up half the night, so get off it or leave

We're singing a song, we don't care if we're wrong
Have a drink on each other and call it a day
You're calling me back when the money is gone
That's all and for us, that's as good as it got

It's four in the morning, the bars are unloading
I go to the window and put down the shade
You're calling me back, yeah, but that was no good
I got tired of it day after day after day

So hang on, Siobhan
You're a mystery to me
But you don't hear me asking around
So hang on, we're coming on soon
It's so hard to get through to you

Hang on, we're coming on soon
We're waiting to hear it from you
Hang on, hang on